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Winter To Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves

It’s that time of year again, the time where we experience multiple seasons in one day. The time of year that picking out an outfit is complete torture. The time where we have to come up with our winter to spring wardrobe pieces!

Since this time of year is upon us, I figured I’d share the winter to spring wardrobe pieces that I consider must-haves for this transitional period of the seasons.

These items are all pieces that are super versatile, can be used for layering, can be styled for both colder and warmer weather and will still look cute no matter what!

They’re practical, widely available, and are easy to style for literally anyone and everyone.


First, we have jumpsuits. Jumpsuits come in tons of different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, cuts, etc. Certain jumpsuits can be layered with a turtleneck underneath, or a blazer, jacket or cardigan on top. And when the weather warms up, you can (obviously) wear them as is. I feel like jumpsuits are often overlooked when it comes to being worn in colder weather, when in reality, it is possible to style them for cooler weather!

Oversized Sweatshirts

Next, we have some of my favorite pieces to add to any winter to spring wardrobe. Honestly, they’re my go-to pieces of clothing, especially while working from home. Yep, I’m talking about oversized sweatshirts! Particularly, crew neck sweatshirts from Aerie. They’re super comfortable, and I am ALL about comfort, and they’re not frumpy looking, they’re actually really cute! They come in different colors, patterns and styles and can be paired up with jeans, leggings, or shorts! Seriously, they’re cute enough to wear out and about and not feel like a lazy bum.

Chunky Sweaters

You may be thinking that chunky sweaters are made more for winter than spring, which isn’t entirely false, but it isn’t entirely true either. As it turns out, chunky sweaters make the perfect pieces for your winter to spring wardrobe because you can opt for a chunky sweater rather than a jacket. You can also style them as layering pieces over top of dresses and jumpsuits (believe me, it looks cute when you pair it with the right dresses, I’m not crazy). Plus, certain chunky sweaters are super cozy, and like I said earlier, I am all about comfort.


This next one, if you ask me, is a wardrobe staple year round, not just during this time of year. Cardigans are seriously such a practical layering piece, and they go with any outfit, pretty much ever. During these transitional months, you can often opt for a cardigan over a jacket, and you can wear them with dresses, jumpsuits, tee shirts and jeans, tank tops and skirts, seriously the list goes on. They come in different lengths and shapes to fit whatever style you’re looking to go for as well!

Colored Trousers

Say so long to the gray, dreary winter days and hello to the brighter, sunnier, longer spring days! The perfect way to rid yourself of the winter blues is with a pair of colored trousers! Seriously, there’s so many cute colored pants out there. (Hello, pastels are IN!) They’re really great for statement outfits and are suitable to dress up for the office, or down for a quick trip to the store.

Mom Jeans

While I won’t ever give up my skinny jeans, I have to admit Gen Z has a point about straight leg and mom jeans – they’re super cute! Mom jeans are a great piece for your winter to spring wardrobe because they look so cute with spring like pieces like graphic tees, tanks and light sweaters. You can wear them with a pair of sneakers or booties, and they’re baggier so they’re totally comfy!

Leather Jackets

While I can tell you that denim jackets are totally perfect for this time of year, I feel like most people already knew that. So, I opted for including a less talked about piece, and that is leather jackets! I’m sorry, but I think leather jackets are SO underrated. They can seriously pull the most basic outfit together. Not to mention, they’ll look totally cute with a graphic tee and a pair of mom jeans with sneakers.


Who ever said you have to be headed to work or the office to wear a blazer? Because, seriously, blazers work for SO many outfits! Long gone are the days wear blazers were fitted to go with a pants suit. Nowadays, there are tons of different types of blazers that can look good with different outfits. Personally, I’m a big fan of the boyfriend blazers – they’re longer, oversized and I think they have a really nice fit to them. That being said, you can wear these blazers over dresses, jumpsuits, with jeans or skirts. They look so cute! And nowadays, they don’t just come in black, they come in so many different colors!


And lastly, skirts! I didn’t want to include dresses in this piece, because I felt that was too obvious. That’s why I want to talk about skirts instead. Skirts are another piece that can be layered to fit the weather. If it’s too cold for bare legs, grab a pair of tights to wear underneath your skirt! There’s also tons of different skirts out there that are perfect for spring – denim, mini, maxi, midi, pencil – the options are seriously endless!


So, there you have it! These are just a few winter to spring wardrobe pieces that I consider wardrobe staples for this time of year.

Have any other recommendations? Share them in the comments!

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