What’s Inside The November 2021 Boxycharm Boxes?

What’s Inside The November 2021 Boxycharm Boxes?

With the holidays coming up, and the list of gift ideas wearing thinner each year, you may be struggling a bit to find a good gift, but have you ever thought about maybe gifting a subscription box?

If you have any makeup or skincare lovers in your life, you may want to consider Boxycharm – a monthly subscription box with some great name brand beauty products inside.

To give you some insight into what you can expect from inside a Boxycharm box, we’re taking a look at the November 2021 Boxycharm boxes this month.

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And, as always, thank you so much to Boxycharm for sending the boxes over for me to share with you all!

The November 2021 Boxycharm base and premium boxes both had great products inside. Some months the boxes are a little skincare heavy, or a little makeup heavy, but this month there was an almost even amount of skincare and makeup inside.

This month’s boxes had quite a few Boxycharm Exclusive products, new launches and even some brands that were new to Boxycharm. Among the brands were Kate Somerville, Lilly Lashes, Violet Voss and more.

To see everything that was inside the November 2021 Boxycharm boxes, check out the video below:


If you’re on the fence about which box to subscribe to, keep in mind the base box has five products while the premium has six. Both boxes will have name brand products inside, so no need to worry about one box having products of a lesser quality. Additionally, you can subscribe to both boxes and not worry about receiving the same products, because you’ll get totally different products in both!

Also, if you’re really in the mood to go big or go home, there is a third tier box – the luxe box, which is a quarterly box that contains 8+ items inside.

For a full comparison of each box, check out the Boxycharm website.