May 2022 Boxycharm Unboxing

What’s Inside The May 2022 Boxycharm Box?!

A new month, means a new Boxycharm box to unbox!

The theme for the May 2022 Boxycharm box is Super Bloom, which has the purpose of helping you prepare all spring long for radiant summer skin.

To see what products were inside the May 2022 Boxycharm box, check out the video below:

Overall, I thought the May 2022 Boxycharm box had a nice even mix of both skincare and makeup products, and I think that they fit the bill of the theme quite well. (Especially the Skin Inc. product!)

Of course, not every box will have the same products, but the value of this particular box was $152 – which is a pretty good deal for what you’re actually paying for the box.

If you’re unfamiliar with Boxycharm, it is a monthly beauty subscription box, with three tiers of membership. First, you have the monthly base box which features 5 products, then you have the monthly premium box which features 6 products, and lastly there is the quarterly luxe box which features 8 products.

If one box isn’t enough for you, you can surely subscribe to two or all three and not have to worry about getting duplicate products in the boxes, because each box is carefully curated with different products. But don’t worry, no matter what tier of box you subscribe to, they all have quality products inside.

Boxycharm is a good idea for those who love makeup and skincare and want to try out different products, but don’t know where to begin, or perhaps are on a budget. It also makes a great gift for beauty lovers!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Boxycharm yourself, visit their website HERE.


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