July 2021 boxycharm base box

What’s Inside The July 2021 Boxycharm Base Box?!

Another month means another Boxycharm unboxing! This time around we’re talking about the July 2021 Boxycharm base box.

In case you are new here, every month Boxycharm is generous enough to send over a box to share with you all. So, we discuss each month’s box!

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The theme to this month’s box was “Fantasea”, which totally fits in with the theme of summer as many people spend their summers at the beach or by the water, right?

So, anyway, as with every base box, this box included five beauty products. This particular box was noticeably more focused on skincare, which is totally okay by me!

Now, it should be noted that not everyone receives the same box all the time. It all depends on the survey you fill out upon subscribing. But, in this case, of the five products, three of them were skincare.

Personally speaking, I like that this box was more focused on skincare because I tend to really focus more on skincare during the summer months than makeup. Now that’s not to say I rule out makeup completely, but there’s just something about a fresh, glowy face that I really love. So, having new skincare products to try out and add to the collection is super great to me!

If you want to see a full unboxing of each product inside the July 2021 Boxycharm base box, check out the YouTube video below:




As mentioned in the video, this month’s box came out to a value of just over $150, which when you’re paying just $25 for the box it makes it totally worth it!

If you want to upgrade, you can always go for the premium box which is 6 products for $35/month, or the luxe box which is 8+ products for $49.99/quarter. Or, if you’re really into it, you can get all three boxes, because you’ll still receive completely different products in each!

If you’re interested in signing up for Boxycharm, or seeing more comparisons for each box, click HERE.

As always, if you have any questions about the July 2021 Boxycharm base box, or any of the Boxycharm boxes for that matter, drop a comment and we’ll help you out!


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