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December 2022 Boxycharm: The Last Boxycharm Boxes Of The Year!

Happy December! My December 2022 Boxycharm boxes have arrived, which means it is time to talk about the last Boxycharm boxes of the 2022 year.

Because December is a luxe box month, I received two boxes this month. As always, thank you to Boxycharm for sending over these boxes to share with you all.

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As I’ve mentioned before, looking back to the boxes of the 2021 holiday season, I felt like the dollar value of the boxes were quite high throughout the holiday season. Not sure if that was done on purpose by Boxycharm, but nonetheless, it was awesome to receive boxes with such high dollar amounts, and it left me wondering if it would be the same this year.

As it turns out, the November 2022 Boxycharm box had a pretty high dollar value, so I had high hopes for the December 2022 Boxycharm boxes as well!

Fittingly, and unsurprisingly, the theme for the December base box had to do with the holidays. Whereas the luxe boxes don’t necessarily have a theme, as they are just appropriately named after the season – so this was the winter 2022 luxe box.

All in all, this month’s boxes were incredible in my opinion. There was a nice mixture of both skincare and makeup in both boxes, as well as a mix of brands I know and love, as well as brands I am excited to try for the first time.

Additionally, my theory of the higher dollar value boxes near the holiday season proved true with these boxes as well. With the total value of my base box adding up to $204, and the value of my luxe box adding up to $313. (Disclaimer: Not every box will have these values, as not every box has the same products inside based on your preferences each month)

To see what was inside my December 2022 Boxycharm boxes, check out the video below:



If you’re unfamiliar with Boxycharm, to break it down, there are three tiers of boxes. The monthly base box features 5 products, the monthly premium box features 6 products, and the quarterly luxe box features 8 products. No matter which tier you subscribe to, you can expect quality products from name brand companies. Additionally, if you want to subscribe to multiple, or all three, tiers of boxes you can do so without worrying about receiving duplicate products, as each box features different products each month.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Boxycharm for yourself, visit their website HERE.