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What Do We Think Of The January 2022 Boxycharm Boxes?

The start of another year means the start of receiving more subscription boxes in the mail! This week we received our January 2022 Boxycharm boxes in the mail.

This month we received both the base and the premium boxes. December was a luxe box month, so we won’t see another luxe box for a few more months.

If you remember our post from last month, the December 2021 boxes were amazing and had huge retail values, so it left us wondering if we’d start off the same this year.

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First thing we noticed about this month’s boxes is that they seemed to lean a little makeup heavy, which was totally fine, since the last few months seemed to lean a little skincare heavy. Nonetheless, there were products from both inside.

These boxes also contained a lot of familiar brands to us that we’ve tried before, with a few in there that we’ll be trying for the first time.

For a full unboxing of the January 2022 Boxycharm boxes, check out the video below:



All in all, the January 2022 were pretty darn good! Super excited to try out all of the products inside.

Hopefully this momentum carries through the rest of the year!

For more information on Boxycharm, and to compare boxes, check out their website HERE.


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