Ways to practice self-care in the winter months


I am very big on self-care, whether it be something small like taking a hot bath after a long day or something bigger like treating yourself to a spa day, I support it all. It is so important to take care of yourself all 365 days of the year, but it is extra important during the winter season. Winter is often a time where people will say they feel down or perhaps just not themselves, therefore, it is so important to take the extra time out of your day to make sure you are taking care of yourself!

Blogger Alex Berger has tips on different ways you can practice self-care during the winter…

Brrr, it is getting cold and I know it is only going to get colder from here. The fall and winter months are some of my favorite months because of the cooler weather (I hate to sweat!), fun Holidays, and the amount of family time that I usually get. In fact, my parents are coming to visit for Christmas this year and I am thrilled! Although the fall and winter months are filled with so many amazing things, they are also filled with stress. It is a pretty expensive time (thanks to less work and more money spent) and there is so much to be done. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and almost burnt out from the Holidays if you are not careful. But, since it is my favorite time of the year, I want to help others de-stress and make sure that they are incorporating self-care into their winter plans! Here are my best 4 ways to focus on self-care in the winter:

Stay Warm

I know that staying warm sounds pretty obvious, but it is essential and so many people go out in the cold weather without gloves, hats, or sometimes even long-sleeved T-shirts. If you are not staying warm in the winter, you are pretty much guaranteed to get sick. There are already so many illnesses going around like colds, the flu, a stomach bug, and more, so please take the extra two seconds each morning to put on some layers before you walk out the door. Even if you just make sure to wear a jacket, I’ll take it! If you are cold inside, don’t forget to wear layers, or do small and inexpensive home improvements (like even just adding curtains to your windows), in order to make your home warmer, without spending a lot of extra money on energy bills.

Reduce Stress

I get why you are stressed – Christmas is expensive and you probably have extra random bills on top of that, as well (like paying your HOA fees, or maybe your car insurance?!). But, instead of just staying stressed and ‘making it’ through the Holidays, let’s really enjoy them and thrive by reducing your stress. There are so many ways you can do this, but a few easy ways are by sleeping in, reading your favorite book, taking a bubble bath at home, spending an extra 10 minutes in a sauna, going to the chiropractor, getting acupuncture, or even by getting a massage.


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Take Helpful Supplements

Taking supplements have the ability to help you thrive in the winter, as well as all year ‘round. Of course, please ask your doctor about what supplements would be best for you, but a few that I take are maca powder, mushroom complex, elderberry syrup, activated charcoal, and of course, my daily vitamins. Maca powder is supposed to give you energy (which for me, is a must during the winter because I get so tired!), balance your hormones, and help with your stamina. Mushroom complex is supposed to be so great for your brain and it is supposed to help with energy and focus. Elderberry syrup is fantastic for preventing bugs going around – it helps with immunity. Activated charcoal is great for when you feel a bug coming on (if the elderberry did not prevent it). It takes away a lot of the bad toxins in you, but it also takes away good nutrients, as well, so make sure you do not take it at the same time as any other supplement.



Stay Active

Very Well Fitsays, “It’s hard enough to exercise the rest of the year, but add holidays to the mix and many of us find exercise becomes less of a priority as to-do lists grow longer and longer. The last thing you want is more stress and, for many of us, trying to keep to our usual workout program does just that. At the same time, staying active in some way will give you energy, reduce stress and tension and, of course, help mitigate some of the extra calories you may be eating.” Schedule your workouts ahead and get them in as often as you normally would, if possible, in order to stay active.


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