8 ways to help you unwind and relieve some stress


If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you that I am a big ball of emotion and stress. I will stress about the most menial of things for absolutely no reason at all. All in all, I am a mess.. I mean, the first step is admitting, right?

Anyway, life can be a lot sometimes, am I right? You’d be lying if you told me that you never get stressed. We all do, it’s in our nature. Sometimes you just have to find what it is that helps you unwind, and make like Nike and just do it!

I’ve experimented with lots of ways to help me clear my mind and relax over the years. Whether it’s through different hobbies, exercises, or even shopping, I’ve probably tried to use it in one way or another to relieve stress. So, I just wanted to share a few of the things I do to help clear my mind, and perhaps they will help you too!

1. Meditation

I know, I know… how very cliche. But let me just tell you, if you really focus on it, it works! I’ve always been one to think that it was cheesy and totally ridiculous, until one day I swallowed my pride and everything I’ve ever said about it and just tried it. I downloaded the app Calm and got started. It has a ton of different programs that you can try out and participate in over the course of so many days. Among those programs are ones that will help improve your sleep, help you relax in the workplace, or even just relax in general. Most programs are about 10-15 minutes long, and include beautiful ambient sounds. If you find that you can’t spare that much time, the app also includes a breathing bubble that will help you regulate your breathing by just following along with the bubble. So easy, and free to download!

Meditating can reduce your stress levels dramatically and help you focus on what’s important in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine that, before you know it, months have passed since you last checked in on yourself. That’s why it’s important to take a few minutes each day and calm your mind. This blog post explains how meditation and manifesting can even help you fall pregnant if that’s something you’re struggling with at the moment – who knows, it might be worth a shot!

2. Reading

Here is another one that is a bit obvious, but ya know, maybe not! Sometimes you just need to find a book that captivates you and dive in. For me personally, I find it very hard to pay attention and focus on a book that I have no interest in, but if I have a book that I’m into then I can sit and relax for hours, not paying attention to anything but my book! If you don’t want to stockpile books in your house, I suggest getting a kindle! There are tons of books for free, or even close to being free on there to check out. If you’re like me and would rather have the satisfaction of holding a book in your hands then check out Amazon (have gotten so many great books from there), Barnes & Noble, or even your local library!

3. Photography

You can always put your creativity to the test by taking up photography! Possibilities are endless when it comes to photography, you never know, you may find that creative bone in your body that you didn’t know you had. Also, it’s good to note, taking up photography as a hobby doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a camera. If you’re just starting out, there are so many great cameras out there, Amazon is always good to check out, maybe even Ebay if you’re looking for something used, and let’s not rule out your iPhone! Many mobile phones are equipped with great cameras these days. Also, if you find that photography isn’t your thing, just try out another creative hobby!

4. Go Shopping

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in a while! Disclaimer though, it’s probably not the best idea to blow all your money, especially when you have bills to pay. But, with that being said… buy yourself that dress you’ve had your eye on, or those shoes in that ad that pops up on Facebook every ten minutes! There’s nothing wrong with buying something that will make you feel good every so often. So go ahead, treat yo’ self!

5. Go To Sleep Earlier

I know sometimes this just isn’t possible, but when you have the opportunity, make the most of it. You never know how much better that extra hour or so of sleep can make you feel the next day. Going to sleep earlier, may not always mean waking up earlier, but it may mean feeling more refreshed and alert the next day. We all deserve to catch up on some sleep!

6. Do Some Cooking or Baking

Sometimes you just gotta indulge. So why not try out that new recipe you found? Or bake yourself a cake? Cooking can help you find something to focus on, instead of letting your mind wander all over, and it’ll help you brush up on those culinary skills as well! Killing two birds with one stone.

7. Work Out

Why not take a trip to the gym and let out all that cooped up anger and stress? If you don’t have a gym membership, no worries. You can always go for a jog around the block, do some jumping jacks and push ups in your living room, or try out an exercise app! My favorite app is SworkIt. It is free to download, and has a ton of different exercise regimens to choose from! I’m currently working on the six week beginners course, which has tons of different workouts included. Not only does exercising get your heart rate going, and help you release some pent up stress, but it can also help you feel energized and better about yourself.

8. Keep A Journal

Sometimes writing what you’re feeling can help immensely. Instead of keeping it all in, let it out on the paper. Who cares if you’re not the best writer, or think you’ll sound dumb… no one needs to see what you write! It’s between you and the notebook. Even if you don’t feel like writing how you feel, you can always try bullet journaling! Making lists of anything and everything can help you feel organized and on top of things, and in a way, relaxed.

Just because these things work for me does not necessarily mean they will work for you, but it is always worth a try! Sometimes you just have to remind yourself to not sweat the small stuff, everything always has a way of working out.

What do you do to relieve stress? Share your stress relief tips with me! I’d love to try them out!