Use These Tips To Achieve Your Beauty Goals On A Budget

Some studies have shown that the average woman spends $3,700 each year on various beauty needs and cosmetics. When you multiply this figure by a lifetime of beauty investment, the numbers shoot up well beyond $225,000. That is a massive drain on any budget, especially when it’s even more important to save. But it doesn’t mean you should give up on your beauty goals or settle for cheap beauty solutions. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to achieve your beauty goals on a budget. Here are some of them.


Create a monthly beauty budget 

The first and most important step is to create a monthly beauty budget based on your needs, preferences, and monthly earnings. A general rule of thumb you can apply here is the 50-20-30 rule. You should spend 50% of your monthly income on essential costs: food, rent, bills, insurance, and other basic needs. Set 20% of your income aside as savings for your future, and devote the remaining 30% to beauty products and other fun activities. It becomes easier to know just how much you should spend on beauty with this guiding your spending. The rest becomes a matter of discipline, so keep this in mind. 


Know what product is right for you

How many beauty products or cosmetics have you locked up somewhere you haven’t used (or don’t even intend to use)? How many purchases have you made only to regret later because they don’t work for you? 

Another important way to cut down on how much you spend on beauty is to know in advance what beauty products work for you and which ones don’t. You can avoid spending money on impulse-buying the first things you see in beauty shops. 


Do your research before choosing any beauty procedure

It makes sense that you’ll take the time to do thorough research before going for any beauty procedure, whether invasive or noninvasive. While your research should tell you how much any beauty procedure will cost, you should determine which options are covered by your health insurance. 

For example, if you need a cosmetic dental procedure, first find out if your health insurance covers it. Otherwise, inquire from the dentist what other payment options are available and if there’re any special discounts you can enjoy. Speaking of medical procedures, you might also want to consider the possibility of medical mistakes that can cost you lots of money and even put your health at risk. You can always contact experienced medical malpractice attorneys for legal assistance and claim damages should you suffer from medical malpractice. 


Learn as many DIY tips as you can

Not every skincare, hairstyle, or beauty routine requires you to dash off to the salon. The online world is filled with endless tips and hacks of various beauty techniques you can try at home by yourself. These simple tips can end up saving you loads of money, so feel free to leverage them for the best results.

*Collaborative Post