Top Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2022 And Beyond

Keeping up with the beauty trends can be a challenge, as they evolve very quickly. However, taking time to learn the latest trends will keep you at the forefront of the industry, impress your friends, feel confident and enable you to better look after yourself. While beauty is about makeup, hair and nails, there is also a part of the industry that considers health, medical conditions and sustainability. There are many trends that are new in 2022, and some of them are here to stay for a while, due to their benefits for your wellbeing, and the earth. 

To help you get started, here are some of the top beauty trends to look out for in 2022 and beyond. 



Above makeup trends, you will now find skincare. It has become apparent that skincare is vital to your health, as well as to the application of your makeup. Brands are encouraging a more intuitive approach that promotes a minimalist skincare routine that combines the quality of products, with the specific needs of your skin. You can get started by learning about your skin type, and what your skin is sensitive to. Skin can be impacted not just by the quality of your products, but by the state of your mental health, pollutants in your environment, overuse of products, and more. When you next consider shopping for your skincare routine, consider the properties of the product, and look for natural ingredients. 



Individualism has been celebrated in the latest trends and appears to be blurring the lines. While there are set trends that everyone is used to following, it seems that there is an evolution of self-expression and self-acceptance. This trend can partly be credited to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw us isolated in our homes for long periods at a time. This enabled individuals to learn about themselves, what matters to them, and experiment with new styles without having to rely on social acceptance. Rather than looking for a set clothing or makeup trend, why not experiment with your own style. 


Dental implants 

The demand for dental implants has surged over the last year. There is a range of treatments being developed to improve the process, such as all-on-5’s, that serve as a permanent solution to missing teeth. This is great to protect and preserve the jawbone and stability of the surrounding teeth. Oral health has seen a push away from teeth whitening, with more people opting for implants instead, even without any missing teeth. Dental implants have become popular as they look natural, they fit comfortably, they have a high success rate, they last a long time, and they make people feel more confident in themselves. 


Brand Values 

Brand values have become a huge factor when choosing products in the beauty industry. There has been a huge push for transparency within businesses, to ensure that they are sustainable, and are making skincare accessible to everyone. Regardless of the trend that you are focusing on, make sure you consider the brand values of the business. Take a look at their methods, production, partners, projects and future investments. 


Beauty trends of 2022 have moved in a different direction than in previous years, and are here to stay. 


*Collaborative Post