Tips To Feel More Confident And Comfortable In Your Own Skin

If you try on hundreds of outfits while putting yourself down, you doubt your abilities, or you dread looking at photographs of yourself, you’re not alone. Most of us experience bouts of low confidence, and for some, a lack of self-esteem is an ongoing problem. If you long to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, here are some top tips.

Identify and address hang-ups

We all have hang-ups. If you asked a group of people if they thought every feature or body part was perfect, the majority would make a list of things they’d like to change or improve. Research suggests that only a quarter of women are ‘extremely satisfied’ with their appearance. If you have hang-ups or flaws that get you down, it’s important to identify and address them or learn to live with them. Perhaps you’re conscious about the size or shape of your nose, you’d like to lose or gain a bit of weight, or you lack confidence because you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts. There are solutions you could explore, such as cosmetic surgery, non-invasive breast enhancement and weight loss and toning techniques like changing your diet and exercising more. Alternatively, you could embrace the so-called imperfections you have as part of what makes you unique and original. There is no cookie cutout for the perfect body.


Take a more rounded view of your identity

We have become obsessed with body image and beauty and many of us now gauge self-worth based on how we feel when we look in the mirror or see photos of ourselves on social media. The way you look is part of your identity, but you are so much more than this. Embrace your strengths and character traits, think about the difference you make to the people you know, and celebrate what makes you different from everybody else. Being successful, happy and confident shouldn’t depend solely on looking a certain way. 


Be kinder to yourself

Have you ever noticed that the way you treat yourself is completely different to the way you treat your best friends or your siblings? It’s good to have ambitions and targets and to strive to achieve goals and be a better person, but don’t put yourself under too much pressure or criticize yourself constantly. When it comes to body image, for example, don’t give yourself a hard time because you don’t look like the people you see on your social media feeds or in glossy magazine images. Be kind to yourself


Many of us lack confidence and we dream of feeling more comfortable in our own skin. There is no quick fix for low self-esteem, but there are steps you can take to try to build confidence gradually. Identify and address or accept hang-ups, understand that your identity is more than your image and be kinder to yourself. Try to distance your perception of beauty from social media and fashion magazines and understand that everyone has flaws. 


*Collaborative Post