Thrive Natural Skincare

Skincare brand Thrive Natural Care, Conservation International Ventures team up for a good cause

Thrive Natural Skincare

Regenerative superplant skincare brand, Thrive Natural Care, has teamed up with Conservation International Ventures in an effort to protect nature, support local communities and encourage skin health.

The two organizations are looking to create a blueprint for the future of business in which the daily operations of companies restore land and water, and improve the livelihoods of farmers.

Thrive plans to replicate its proven regenerative model in a third rural farming community in Costa Rica, develop new super plant skincare products, and even obtain regenerative certification for its farmer partners.

Since 2013, Thrive has had a huge positive impact on the land and community by increasing founding farmers’ household incomes by an average of 261 percent, restoring 52 hectares of degraded land in Costa Rica, increasing the plant biodiversity index by nearly 10 percent, and increasing the Soil Organic Matter, which helps to eliminate the need for tiling and reduces the greenhouse effect.

Over the next three years, Thrive’s goal is to work with 875 farmers and regenerate 228 hectares of degraded lands. Additionally, Thrive aims to restore 9,000 hectares of degraded soils and biodiversity, and help improve the livelihoods of 31,000 rural farmers in Latin America and beyond.

To learn more about Thrive Natural Care and Conservation International Ventures, visit their websites by clicking on the bold print!