This Tinted Skincare Is Perfect For Simplifying Your Beauty Routine

This Tinted Skincare Is Perfect For Simplifying Your Beauty Routine

I’m sure many of us know the feeling all too well, where we’re doing our makeup or skincare routine and suddenly look at the clock and realize how much time has passed.

A long beauty routine may be okay once in a while, but on a day-to-day basis, this just doesn’t cut it for many of us.

Often times we’re looking for products or hacks to help us cut down the time it takes to get ready for the day in the morning. Because let’s face it, those extra 5-10 minutes of sleep can mean the world.

I’ve recently come across a brand that offers a product that seriously has cut my routine time down immensely, all while taking good care of my skin.

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The brand in question is called Daybird. They have dubbed themselves the anti-beauty beauty club.

Their mission is to dissociate from the “traditional” standards of beauty, and to help you start your day just as you are – with less products!

Their tinted skincare is basically a 4-in-1 product that will cover half of your daily routine. It serves as a vegan serum, moisturizer, foundation and SPF 50 sunscreen. Pretty incredible to have all those things in one product!

This tinted skincare contains Niacinamide 2%, Bisabolol 0.5% and Zinc Oxide 12%. It also comes in a shade range that works for a wide rang of skin tones.



You can apply this to bare, clean skin in the morning without any other products necessary. 2-3 pumps will give you great, buildable coverage.

Personally, I’ve been using this as one of my go-to products while taking care of my baby, as I don’t have the time to do my makeup like I used to. Plus, it’s been great for my skin.

Having sensitive skin, this product is definitely one I can say hasn’t irritated my skin in any way. Which has been awesome.

So if you’re looking to shorten your beauty routine, find a product that is good for your skin, and one that makes your skin look great – Daybird’s tinted skincare checks all the boxes.

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, click HERE.