Things To Remember During The Final Countdown To The Wedding!

We are officially in the single digits until wedding day and we are SO excited! But with all the excitement comes a whole lot of stress, which is normal — you’re only preparing for what is probably the biggest moment of your life so far!

I feel like in the past few days alone there has been so much thrown at me that I’ve honestly completely forgotten about or just didn’t even think about that still has to be done in preparation for the wedding! A lot of these things are not-so-glamorous and can be easily looked over until the last minute. And let’s be honest, the more prepared you are the better!

Sure, not everything will always be perfect and go according to plan, but there are ways to minimize the room for error. Here are a few things that we have been taking care of over the past few days and weeks in preparation for the big day:


Make Any Last Minute Appointments (For Hair, Nails, Etc.)

Yes, you’re likely getting your hair and makeup done the day of the wedding by the hair and makeup artist you chose. But, most people, including myself, like to have a last minute hair appointment to get a trim or touch up color! It’s best to schedule this appointment a few weeks out so that you can ensure you are able to get an appointment ahead of wedding day, especially if you have a particular hair stylist that you go to. ALSO, don’t forget to make an appointment for your nails! Some brides go to get their nails done with their bridesmaids, so whether you make the appointment for everyone or just yourself, this is another appointment you will want to call ahead of time for — especially if you have a large group of people! In addition, be sure to take into consideration when your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are, you’ll likely want your nails done in time for that as well!

Make Sure You’re Prepared To Pay Your Remaining Balance To Your Vendors

If you’re like me, you booked many of your vendors MONTHS in advance. It may have been a while since the last time you spoke to some of your vendors. With that being said, don’t be taken by surprise when you receive emails letting you know you have a balance due! Many vendors take a deposit in advance, but a lot of times the rest of the payment isn’t due until just before wedding day, or on wedding day itself.

On wedding day you will be so busy with so many other things going on that you’re not going to want to have to worry about paying your vendors. Therefore, you should prepare these payments in advance! If your vendors don’t require your payment ahead of wedding day, and they would rather take it on wedding day, then find someone trustworthy like a parent or Maid of Honor, and designate them to be in charge of making sure the vendors are paid. That way that is one less thing you will have to worry about.


Drop Any Ceremony & Reception Extras Off At Your Venue

Again, you’ll want to prepare as much as you can ahead of time so that you have less to worry about on the wedding day itself. A lot of venues will help you out with this by telling you to bring any ceremony and reception extras, such as decorations, an aisle runner, so on and so forth, in the week leading up to the wedding. By dropping this stuff off a few days or a week in advance, you’ll be free of worrying about not forgetting that stuff day of, and if you do forget anything after drop off you will have a few days to make sure you grab those things you forgot.


Finalize Your Vows & Letter To Your Partner

With all things in life, when you think too much about something for an extended period of time, your thoughts can become a bit skewed. It’s best to step away from projects you are working on for a while and come back to them. By doing so you may see things that you want to make an edit to. This can apply to your vows and letter to your partner as well.

I’ve easily walked away and come back to my vows that I’ve written a handful of times. Each time making changes. It’s okay to do so!


Don’t Forget About The Honeymoon

Don’t forget to prepare for your trip if you plan on taking one right after the wedding! It’s easy to get so caught up in planning for the actual wedding that you may forget to get everything together for your honeymoon! The best way to make sure you don’t forget anything is to make a task list with everything you need to get done for the wedding AND the honeymoon, and don’t forget to make a list of things you need to pack!


The wedding planning experience is different for each person, for us it has been so great! We are so excited for wedding day!