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These Leggings Are Perfect For Your Postpartum Wardrobe

If you’ve had a baby recently, first off, congratulations! Adding a new member to the family is such a rewarding experience.

But that’s not to say that it’s an easy journey.

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Having just had my first child this winter, I feel like every day is a learning experience. Some days I feel like I’m really getting the hang of the whole parenting thing, and others just feel like a total mess.

Speaking from experience thus far, aside from learning to take care of the baby, I’ve also had to learn all over again how to make time to take care of myself.

One of the best ways I’ve found to make myself feel a bit more put together each day is by waking up and changing out of pajamas.

And it seems as though my go-to outfits throughout postpartum are all outfits with leggings. They’re easy, they are comfortable, and they are perfect for both inside and outside of the house.

However, a lot of my leggings from pre-pregnancy are no longer the right fit. Some are too small, some are see through, and some are just too worn out now.

I was in the need of some leggings that were comfortable, fit nicely, and had just the right amount of compression that I felt like I was being held in, but not in an uncomfortable, too tight way.

In comes Beyond Yoga, a female founded athleisure and activewear brand with size inclusivity and some of the softest materials I’ve ever felt (seriously!)

The leggings in particular that I’ve been loving are the Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Leggings.




They’re incredibly soft, they have just enough stretch to them and just enough compression to them to make me feel good.

Since acquiring them, they’ve become my go-to leggings!

I would highly recommend these leggings for anyone who is postpartum, because I know that finding clothes that fit and make you feel good during your postpartum months is hard to find.

In addition to the leggings, Beyond Yoga actually has a maternity section as well as a “beyond birth” section with some great options for nursing mothers. 

We love an inclusive brand!


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