The road to happy, healthy hair in the New Year

In 2019, I am vowing to take better care of my hair, and give it exactly what it needs to stay healthy, volumized and shiny!

I’ve always had major issues when it came to my hair, and to be honest even after trying so many things, I still do! I can’t be the only one who wishes their hair looked the same way it does when you leave the salon, except everyday!

I’ve always been one to take precaution when it comes to using hair products. I always buy high end shampoo and conditioner, because I know the cheaper stuff leaves residue and strips your hair of its color, and I try my best not to use a lot of heat or product on my hair, but sometimes you just have to!

Even with all the precaution I take when it comes to my hair, I’m no hairdresser, and I know there’s always something more or different that I could be doing when it comes to my hair. Recently, I teamed up with Formulate, who gifted me my own personalized shampoo and conditioner set, made to fight all the problem areas of my hair that I am experiencing.

Now I wouldn’t be telling you this if I didn’t think it was worth it, but my experience using this shampoo and conditioner thus far has been absolutely amazing!

To give you a back story on the company, Formulate has a team of chemists that work to put together shampoo and conditioner that is engineered to perfectly fit your personal needs. Are you looking for something with volume, anti-frizz and something to make your hair shiny? They can make it for you! And don’t worry, they take all of your sensitivity concerns into consideration.

Once I was ready for my shampoo and conditioner to be formulated, I filled out a survey describing my hair as it is now (blonde, fine, long, straight, etc.) as well as any sensitivity concerns I may have (sensitive scalp, etc.), and then I checked off boxes for what I wanted included in my formula to help fight against the problems I have. For example, I wanted something with color protection and anti-frizz that would strengthen, volumize and prevent thinning in my hair. After that, I even got to choose which scent I wanted for my kit!

Once my kit arrived a few days later, I was so pleasantly surprised! The shampoo and conditioner comes in pretty large sized bottles, with pumps to attach for easy use. The kit also included a pamphlet with all of my survey results, a list of ingredients so I knew what I was putting in my hair, and even directions on how to make the most of the use of my kit!



Even after just two uses I was already beginning to see improvements in my hair, which was so awesome! My hair was feeling so full, soft, shiny and smelled great! What I love most is that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy, which is a problem I have found with a number of products I’ve used over the years.

I have to admit, one of my concerns when I first started using my kit was that I wasn’t going to like it, and what would I have done then? Luckily, for those like me who are concerned about such things, Formulate has an app you can download right on your phone that allows for real time communication with customer service agents for any concerns you may have with your kit, and it allows you to change anything you may not like! The company is very big on customer feedback, and they are ready to listen to any questions or concerns you may have, which definitely put my mind at ease!



I am now a few weeks into my treatment and I have to admit, my hair still feels great! Like I said before, it looks volumized, full, not frizzy at all and has a great, long-lasting smell.

Hope you join me and bring your hair some LIFE this 2019 year!


*I was gifted this product by the company for this post. However, all opinions expressed in this post are from my own experience.*