The Best Ways To Treat Tooth Pain – Ever!

There’s no worse feeling than that of a toothache. It doesn’t matter how old you are, tooth pain is a pain you cannot ignore. When you can’t get to your dentist right away, you need to know how to look after your teeth long enough to stave off the pain and manage your day once again. You need to feel comfortable no matter what, and that means knowing when the best time is to see a dentist!

You might want to learn types of dental implants but for a toothache, you should probably work on it feeling good first. The obvious thing to do is to work on the toothache and while you’re waiting to see the dentist, use the tips below to treat that tooth pain for good.


  1. Cold compresses can help to reduce the swelling that comes with an inflamed and angry tooth. You need to stop the pain and that means reducing the inflammation first. Once you do that you should feel some relief pretty quickly. You don’t need to make it too cold, though, or you’ll damage the skin and that’ll be worse than just fixing the pain of your tooth.
  2. Take some anti-inflammatory medication. You can reduce the swelling and the pain with the right medication. Your dentist can give you some tips but standard ibuprofen is going to do the trick initially. Take it regularly so that you can keep on top of the pain and stop it from occurring. 
  3. Salt water rinse. If your tooth is still causing you pain, it may help to temporarily relieve it with a salt water rinse. You can reduce your pain and heal any open oral wounds you might have. You’ll reduce inflamed areas and you’ll feel comfortable – it just won’t taste very nice!
  4. Try hot packs. While you try cold packs, you should alternate with hot packs. You can buy the ones that you put in the microwave and heat up, and then you can put that to your jaw. This will help you to interrupt the pain signals between mouth and brain!
  5. See the dentist. You can see your dentist and get to the root of the pain but this only works if you can afford it! The dentist isn’t always a cheap option depending on the reason you go but if you don’t see the dentist, you can’t get to the bottom of the pain or why it’s occurring in the first place.
  6. Try peppermint tea bags. Did you know that peppermint tea bags can help with the pain for your teeth? They have mild numbing properties which can really help you to reduce your pain and feel much better for longer. The best bit is that you can drink peppermint tea to get those teabags in the first place? 


Treating tooth pain is a must, and you don’t deserve to be uncomfortable for any longer than necessary. Try these tips and see how you get on.

*Collaborative Post