Surviving A Heatwave With No Air Condition

Heatwaves in summer are becoming a more common occurrence around the world – even in places with typically cooler climates. For those that don’t have air conditioning in their homes, these hot temperatures can be hard to deal with. Below are a few tips on how to stay cool when the temperature starts to rise. 


Switch to cool bedding

To ensure that you’re not kept up at night by the heat, it could be worth making sure that you have some cool breathable bedding. Swap out your thick duvet for a sheet or a lightweight breathable duvet if you still need some weight. Consider opting for cotton, linen or bamboo sheets. You could even consider investing in luxury materials like satin that stay cooler longer. 


Shut the curtains – and shut your windows!

Should you keep windows and curtains open during a heatwave? You’re actually better off shutting your curtains during the day as the sunlight will heat up the inside of your home faster. Contrary to popular belief, you also shouldn’t open your windows in a heatwave – the air outside is likely hotter than the air inside your home, and you’ll be letting it in by opening windows. Leave curtains and windows shut during the day to keep your cooler. You can open them in the evening to encourage cooler air in. 


Have a soak in some cold water

If you feel like you’re getting uncomfortably hot and sweaty, the best thing to do is to cool off in some cold water. This will bring your body temperature back down, preventing hyperthermia and dehydration. You could set up a paddling pool outside to soak in, or you could simply run a cold bath or shower. 


Buy some fans and position them correctly

Electric portable fans can help to provide a cool breeze, but you should think carefully about where you place them. Fans take air from behind them – so if you’re placing a fan with its back to a hot window or hot room, it will take that hot air and blow it in your direction. It’s best to blow cooler air from cooler parts of your home such as a cooler hallway. If you can point a fan upwards and keep it somewhere low, this can also be effective – heat rises, so cooler air is most likely to be found at the bottom of a room.


Consider whether it’s time to invest in AC

Ultimately, air conditioning is the best way to keep your home cool. It could be worth investing in some AC for the future so that you’re not relying so heavily on other methods. If your home already has heated vents, you may be able to convert this into a HVAC  system. For homes with radiators, it may be possible to install AC units in certain rooms or even buy a portable AC unit. 


Stay hydrated

You’re more likely to get dehydrated in a heatwave as you’re sweating more. Make sure that you’re drinking enough water to prevent this. Bring enough water with you to bed if you get particularly sweaty at night. 


*Collaborative Post