Stress-Free Guide To Moving Into A New Home

Stress-Free Guide To Moving Into A New Home

Moving can be a difficult experience. Along with packing your stuff and hiring affordable furniture removalists, you also have to worry about the risk of your belongings being damaged in transit. Despite such challenges, you can employ strategies to make the relocation process easier. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your move stress-free.



Decluttering is a vital action that should be done regularly, but it’s especially important before moving. Sometimes, what makes a move stressful is the number of items you need to pack. By decluttering, you can let go of items you do not need by tossing them out, donating them, or selling them. In effect, you lighten your load. 

Hire a moving company

You should contact your removals firm once you’ve decluttered your items and have an idea of what you’ll be taking. You could try to do it yourself, but it would add a lot of stress and time to the process. The moving company will have years of experience properly packing, transporting, and loading fragile and large things so that they reach your new home safely.

Begin packing

Once you’ve found the right moving company, it’s time to start packing. Create a plan that includes a room-by-room checklist of how you’ll pack as well as all of the packing supplies you’ll require. To ensure you do not leave anything behind, you should consider creating a moving inventory. This way, you can ensure your belongings are safe and easily tracked.

Label everything correctly

To avoid chaos when you’re unpacking, label boxes with the room they’re heading to and a brief synopsis of what’s inside. This will also assist the removals staff in determining the location of all fragile goods. You can also use a colored-coded system to label your boxes.

Plan your utilities ahead of time

When moving, it’s critical to get your utilities, such as council tax, gas, and home insurance, set up as soon as possible. Not only will this ease a lot of stress once you’ve moved in, but it will also offer you more time to settle in and relax in your new home. Make sure to use Just Move In to save time and money when arranging your utilities. They can help you save up to 8 hours of administrative work when setting up utility services.

Explore your new environment 

After your property study, you’ll know your new house inside and out, but what about the neighborhood? After you’ve scheduled the removal firm and begun packing, spend the weekend exploring your new neighborhood and checking out the local pubs and businesses.

Update your contact information 

It’s a good idea to start changing your address with companies or organizations two weeks before you move, such as the bank, doctor’s office, vehicle insurance company, local government, and post office. It’s best to start with the most important businesses, such as the bank, doctor’s office, and dentist’s office. You can have your mail sent from your former address for a nominal price. 


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