Start Snacking Healthy with Elevate Snack Boxes!

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I don’t know about anyone else, but spending more time at home has caused me to take way too many trips to the refrigerator and pantry throughout the day. My snacking habits have not been good, and I’ve been trying everything to turn towards healthy snacks!

I’ve tried buying less junk food, I’ve tried putting the junk food out of reach, I’ve tried meal prepping, I’ve tried just about everything to keep me from reaching for those cookies or chips, but something just keeps drawing me back there.

I think one of my biggest problems when it comes to snacking healthier is that I don’t know where to turn or what to buy from the grocery store. Every time I’ve tried buying healthy snacks I end up not liking what I bought, or buying something that isn’t actually healthy.

Recently, I’ve decided to save myself the headache, and the dreaded trip to the grocery store for that matter, and turn to the internet for some help!

Upon my Google venture I stumbled across Elevate, a subscription box service full of high quality, healthy snacks!

The best way I could describe Elevate’s snack boxes would be to say that these boxes are perfect for anyone who wants to go on a diet, but doesn’t want to give up snacks altogether.

The box is full of 20 vegan and gluten-free snack choices. Now, I know that may scare some people, and to be honest, it kind of scared me too, considering I have never been on a strict vegan or gluten-free diet. But these snacks are actually delicious! Some of the stuff I have tried before (like the Veggie Sticks) and some of the stuff I had never heard of until receiving my box.

Elevate also recently introduced their Keto-friendly box, which features 15 low carb, low keto, gluten-free snacks.

Being the picky eater that I am (just ask my husband, he’ll tell you I drive him up a wall), I can vouch for this box and say that I am actually super surprised with how good some of these snacks are!

Grant it, there’s 20 snacks so I haven’t been able to dig my way through the whole box just yet (I’m not THAT much of a snack fiend), but what I have tried so far has been delicious! (Totally recommend the Nature’s Bandits apple veggie fruit stix, they’re delicious!)

If you find yourself taking one too many trips to the snack cabinet these days, I definitely recommend checking out Elevate. They have different monthly plans to fit your needs, and it is totally affordable, because believe me, I know that grocery list bill can add up.

You can also receive 10% off your order using the code “BLISS10“!

If you’re interested in checking out Elevate and ordering some snack boxes for yourself, click HERE!


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