Shoes n Cupcakes 2

Simple but chic fall look from ShoesnCupcakes


Fall weather is finally here, which means I can finally start wearing cute outfits without feeling like I’m melting by lunch time! The fashion options in the fall really are endless!

I’m really excited to share this outfit with you guys, because truly, no matter what your taste in fashion is — this outfit is simple, chic and will look great on any one!

Both my top and my jeans are from this adorable boutique in Philadelphia called ShoesnCupcakes! They sell clothing, shoes and, you guessed it, cupcakes! ShoesnCupcakes urges women of all ages to step outside their typical fashion comfort zone and try something new! You never know what you may fall in love with!


As far as my outfit goes, both of these pieces would go perfect paired up with just about anything, and together they make for a great outfit in itself!

In this particular instance I paired my ruffled sleeve top and distressed jeans with a pair of mauve pink block heels, and some silver jewelry. It also pairs perfectly with a pair of flats (I tried on my black Steve Madden slip on sneakers, and even a pair of Cheetah print vans and both looked adorable!) I really don’t think you could go wrong with how you style either of these pieces.


I definitely recommend checking out ShoesnCupcakes websiteto see what they have to offer, like I said earlier — you never know what you may fall in love with! You can also follow them on Instagramfor the latest on sales, what’s new and even some awesome giveaways!