Side Project Jerky & Liquid Death Water Team Up For “Dried” January

We’ve all heard of “Dry January” – the practice of giving up alcohol for 31 days. Well, Marcos Espinoza, the owner of Side Project Jerky, is putting his own spin on it.

“Dried January” is a challenge which will see participants win prizes if they can make it through the month without drinking any alcohol.

So, if you’re already planning on partaking in “Dry January” might as well participate!

“This is an incentive to stick with it,” says Espinoza. “If you stay the course, we want to reward you. We know it won’t be easy for some, but as the month goes on, we’ll keep increasing the prizes that contestants can win. We hope to be able to give away a lot of jerky and swag.”

The prizes will include Side Project Jerky’s special chef-driven jerky, along with Liquid Death Mountain Water, as well as merchandise from each brand.

The challenge will take place on social media, and participants will have the chance to join via an Instagram post. The challenge itself will begin (obviously) on January 1, 2022.

To learn more about Side Project Jerky, visit their website HERE.