Showing Loved Ones That You Care

We all have responsibilities in life. We need to head to work to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. We find ourselves hitting the gym to get our recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. If you have children, pets or other dependents, you’re going to find yourself dedicating a lot of time to assisting them and managing their wellbeing. The list goes on. It’s not all too surprising, then, that many of us find ourselves neglecting loved ones in our lives. This isn’t ideal. At the end of the day, there’s a reason that we’ve kept these people in our lives and it’s important to nurture these friendships as best you can. But what can you do to show your loved ones that you do care and that you value them? Here are some suggestions that you might want to take into consideration.


Celebrate Their Achievements

People consistently go through challenges in life, and many will have frequent achievements that they will be proud of. It’s important to acknowledge your friend and family members’ achievements and to show that you’re proud of them when they do well. Whether that’s passing an exam, learning a new skill, winning a competition, getting engaged, completing a course, having a child, overcoming a fear, growing well from an illness or anything else. There are simply ways to show that you’re proud, from a congratulatory card or Le Bouquet Flowers to meeting up and taking them for a drink or food.


Remember Birthdays

If your friends celebrate their birthdays, make sure that you add these dates to your calendar and set yourself reminders so that you remember to wish them happy returns. This can make all the difference to their day. You may even want to set a reminder a few days before to give yourself a chance to post a card, arrange plans to meet up or buy a present. A little will go a long way here.


Making Time for Them

Sure, you may have a hectic schedule. But often, the thing people appreciate most in a friendship is someone making time for them. Whether that’s a quick phone call to check in and see how they’re doing or routine hang outs where you meet up and get to actually see each other in person. While you may be busy, there should always be some sort of gap in your schedule where you can make time for those you love. This is especially important if your friend or family member is going through a tough time and may need to lean on you as a member of their support network a little more than usual.


These are just a few basic ways to make sure that your loved ones know that you care about them. Each of the steps above can make all the difference and bring a smile to their faces, so they will prove more than worth giving a go!

*Collaborative Post