SHEIN_ Is It Legit?

SHEIN Haul & Try-On | Is It Legit?

Ever scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feeds and find yourself stopping at a photo of a super adorable piece of clothing, with an even better price tag, from a shop that you’ve never heard of? I know I have!

I am CONSTANTLY coming across ads and sponsored posts for online shops and boutiques that I’ve never heard of, or perhaps have heard of but have never ordered from out of fear that I’ll never receive the items or that it’ll be a complete rip-off, because lets face it… sometimes that super cheap price tag is just too good to be true!

One shop that is forever showing up in my feeds is SHEIN.

Now, I’ve ordered from there a few times before, and every time I have received my order in a very timely manner. I don’t always LOVE the clothes that I order, but I think that is because it just ends up being not my style, which is totally fine and I think that happens to almost everyone with almost every shop.

SHEIN is a shop that I am forever fielding questions from friends and family about. Is it legit? Did your order arrive on time? Were the clothes nice?

Well, today, I am hoping to help answer many of the questions you may have about SHEIN!

Like I said, I’ve ordered from there a number of times before, and have overall been satisfied with what I have received. I’ve never spent a large sum of money on the site at one time. Reason for that being is that everything is so cheap that unless you’re ordering 20-30 things at one time, it is quite hard to spend a lot at once.

This time around, everything that I ordered was under $10. They were running a sale which put some of the stuff under the $10 mark, but some of it was also originally priced under $10.

To take you through my ordering process, as soon as I placed my order I received an order confirmation email, and about two days later, I received my shipping confirmation with a tracking number. I ended up receiving the package within a week.

If there is one thing I value when it comes to shopping online, it is communication. I really appreciate when a shop or brand is in constant communication with me when it comes to the things I spent my money on. So the communication and delivery process get a thumbs up from me.

My order consisted of 3 dresses and 4 shirts, which as I mentioned previously, were all under $10.

The video above will show you what I got, and how it all fit for me,

Overall, I was pleased with what I received.

I did have a few concerns with some of the pieces being a bit sheer, but I think those are things that can be fixed with a cami underneath. Aside from that, everything fit really nicely and the quality felt quite nice for what I paid.

If there is any advice I can give for shopping on sites that are new to you, it would be to always read the reviews. SHEIN has very in-depth product descriptions, which seem quite reliable, but I never purchase anything without reading the reviews first. The review section is where you can find real people’s genuine thoughts, which I personally always use as my deciding factor for purchasing something.

If you’re interested in any of the pieces that I purchased, you can check them out:

Soild Self Tie Tulip Hem Tee Dress

Ruffle Neck Lace Insert Solid Top

Frilled Neck Bell Cuff Top

Gathered Neckline Floral Print Top

Polka-dot Print Roll Up Sleeve Shirt

Solid Zip Back Ruffle Armhole Dress

Tribal Print Curved Hem Belted Dress


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