Rihanna Is Taking Pregnancy And Making It Fashion

There has always been a bit of a stigma around pregnancy and maternity clothing.

It seems as though most pregnant women tend to wear sweatsuits, or baggy clothing with the occasional maxi or sun dress throughout those nine months.

Could it be that it is done for comfort? Yes, of course. But another reason to consider is that women often feel a sense of insecurity as their body undergoes major changes.

However, since the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy broke. She has been making it her mission to take her pregnancy and turn it into iconic fashion moments.

Rihanna’s pregnancy looks have shown women that your pregnant body is something to be proud of – after all, you’re quite literally growing a whole human inside you.

Additionally, she has shown us that there is still an opportunity to dress how you want, and in a way that will make you feel confident and good.

From the start, Rihanna has shown off her bump in style. Even through her pregnancy announcement she donned a pink vintage Chanel puffer coat designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1996.


In the weeks following, she has made it a point to wear looks that accentuate the fact that she is growing a human inside of her.


While her maternity style could be considered daring, it is most definitely working for her.



Even her more comfortable looks are insanely stylish – like the aqua-blue Stella McCartney jumpsuit she wore in Paris. While this look was a bit more conservative than some of the others, she still owns that baby bump with a side cutout.



And just like the rest of women everywhere, Rihanna too enjoys a more casual, comfortable look. It’s clear the statement piece in this look was her dramatic footwear, but she used this as an opportunity to stay comfortable in a white hoodie, and layered it with a phenomenal sherpa-lined suede coat.



At the end of the day, we obviously don’t all have the luxury of having Rihanna’s closet or phenomenal stylists at our disposal.

But we can all learn from Rihanna’s maternity fashion in the sense that we should never feel less confident about ourselves because our bodies are changing. Rather we should take this change, and own it.


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