Rachel Zoe Fragrance

Rachel Zoe Fragrances Are The Perfect Scent For The Change In Seasons

Rachel Zoe Fragrance

A change in seasons, means a change in weather, wardrobe, shoes, accessories and even fragrances!

Fragrances are sometimes forgotten about when it comes to getting ready for a new season.

When in reality, who wants to be smelling like summer in winter and winter in summer? No one!

So, this year, while you’re searching for some new spring wardrobe pieces, be sure to pick out some new spring fragrances as well!

If you’re looking for some fragrance recommendations, may we recommend the Rachel Zoe Signature Fragrances.

The collection includes four different fragrances, all with their own unique scent.

Warrior – Tuberose Musk scent

Empowered – Sweet Vanilla Woods scent

Fearless – Cedarwood Rose with Coconut scent

Instinct – Bergamot Musk


All of the fragrances from this collection have a unique scent that smells amazing.

Additionally, if you don’t want to commit to the full size fragrances, you can always try the Rachel Zoe Fragrance Discovery Set, which contains minis of all four fragrances.

The Discovery Set gives you the opportunity to try all of the fragrances and even switch up your scent every so often!

The Rachel Zoe Fragrance Discovery Set currently runs for $40.00, an affordable price when it comes to fragrances.


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