Proven Ways To Combat Toothache

One of the biggest pains in life is in the teeth. There are so many pains that hurt and that put you through trauma but toothache is like having an itch that you cannot scratch. You can’t get into the area and provide pressure to it because it becomes too much and feels too vulnerable. When you can’t get to a dentist, however, it can always help to have backup options that will help you to relieve your pain.

Before you can provide relief to your teeth, you have to think about the cause of the toothache first. If you can mitigate the cause, you can improve the pain and relieve your tooth as much as possible. While you might know that dental implants inexpensive in the long-term after a tooth removal, if you can prevent the pain from happening in the first place you might not have to worry about removing any teeth. There are so many complications that can occur with toothache, and knowing what to do about it is one of the best options for you going forward. With this in mind, here are some of the proven ways that you can combat toothache.


  1. Add cold. Cold ice packs are smart for your pain. It is known that cold compresses can help you to reduce inflammation and this’ll help to interrupt those pain signals slamming into your brain. All you need is ice wrapped in a cloth to prevent damaging your skin. The comfort will be reduced and you will feel so much better.
  2. Take meds. Anti-inflammatory medications are some of the most important ones that you need if you want to reduce inflammation and pain in your teeth. Like the cold compress, they work to stop the body from swelling up. Your tooth pain really needs to be relieved and medication isn’t a weakness.
  3. Do a salt water rinse. As well as the two methods above, you can add a rinse through your mouth with salt water. It sucks, and it tastes awful, but it’s going to help you to heal any potential wounds in your mouth and reduce the inflammation causing the pain right down.
  4. Add heat. We talked about adding cold, but what about heat? The discomfort in your jaw and your gum line can be helped with a heat pack. Hot water bottles work really well here and they can interrupt the pain signals to the brain much like the cool packs can.
  5. You can try pressure. Not with your finger tips, but acupressure. You can manipulate the body to release endorphins and all of these happy hormones can feel fantastic and help you to dull the pain in your teeth.
  6. Drink down some peppermint tea. If you love your tea, you’ll love this one! Peppermint tea, known for many different ailment cures, will help to numb the teeth. It’s mild, but it takes the edge off and often, that’s the edge you need to go away and make a difference.


*Collaborative Post