Preparing Your Child For Their First Dentist Appointment

We know that taking care of teeth is a must. Brushing, flossing, gum care, remembering to brush the tongue are all vital parts of good oral health. 

But there is only so much that we can do from home, and regular dentist appointments can help you to avoid gum diseases, tooth decay and keep your mouth feeling great. 

As adults, we understand and see the value in visiting the dentist; even those with a fear of the dentist know that regular visits are one of the best things you can do. 

Children, especially toddlers, will be going to the dentist for the first time, and while many are completely okay with this – others aren’t. 

Getting your child prepared for the first visit is a great idea. Even at a young age, they can understand more of what is going on and enjoy the experience. 

Plus, once they have been – and found it enjoyable, you’ll find it no problem to head to your dentist with your child. 


Oral care

The earlier you get your child involved in their oral care the better. Start with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste suitable for that age group. If possible, take them into the bathroom while you are doing your oral routine so they can copy how you brush your teeth.

The earlier you have a daily dental routine, the easier it is to keep your child’s teeth clean.

They might be reluctant from time to time, but you can use something like the Blippi toothbrushing song to help.


No Surprise 

Before you go to the dentist, try to explain to your child what is going to happen, this way they won’t be shocked when a person they’ve never met before tries to put a gloved hand inside their mouth.

It can be worthwhile to book an appointment simultaneously so that your child can see you have an examination first. 

Dentists understand that children can have reservations about visiting them, so you must find a family dentistry practice that you like and introduce your child to them as soon as possible. 


Minty – or not

Even some adults do not like the taste of minty toothpaste. And so they will opt for something that has a milder flavor. The mint in toothpaste can be quite overwhelming for small children, so you might find that it is easier to get a tooth post that is flavored. 

Bubblegum and strawberry are two of the main toothpaste flavors that children enjoy.

And make sure that they’re only using a very small pea-sized amount while learning. Just spit it out after.



Sometimes it can be helpful to watch cartoons and animated things with the dentist. 

There are plenty of children’s things that cover things like going to the doctor’s and going to the dentist so that your child won’t be so worried when they go there. 

It can be beneficial to watch these episodes a few times with your child and answer any questions they have. Of course, it depends on the child’s age, but this can make going to the dentist more fun.

If you have been avoiding the dentist for a while, here are some compelling reasons you need to take care of your oral health: The Importance Of Healthy Teeth & Gums. 

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