Practical Ways To Make Your Home Unique

A recent Home Advisor survey shows that U.S households spent about $8,305 on home improvement in 2020 alone. Homeowners invest in improvements for various reasons, from boosting aesthetic appeal to increasing functionality. There is no shortage of home upgrades you can do, but some reflect your taste more than others. It is best to consider these projects when seeking to spruce up your home to avoid generic results. Below are some of the best ways to make your house stand out.

Display Plants Uniquely

An estimated 66% of American households own at least one houseplant. Plants are a great way to use natural design in decor,  and many homeowners tend to put them in vases on tables or on the floor. However, you can display your plants in unique areas like the bookshelf to make them stand out. Alternatively, hanging plants can bring life into rooms without taking up table or floor space, so they are worth considering.

Paint Your Exterior

A fresh lick of paint can work wonders on your home’s exterior, so a great paint job is always worth considering to make your property instantly unique. It is often challenging to decide whether to paint it all one color or use varying tones and shades to create a unique expression when selecting the right color for your house. As a general rule, never paint your entire house a single color. Instead, use complementary colors or different shades of the same color. You can apply paint to your home’s general exterior fairly straightforwardly with few rules. However, there’s a lot to remember when painting metal siding, like considering the wind’s direction and using a flat or satin finish for aluminum siding.

Change The Hardware

The hardware in your kitchen and on pieces of furniture is functional but often boring. In addition, this generic hardware can make your furniture and cabinetry look quaint in a bad way instead of a classic manner. Therefore, consider making your home more unique and glamorous by updating the various knobs and pulls in it. It is always best to avoid replacing your hardware with options you can purchase in bulk at Home Depot and other popular stores since they won’t be unique. Instead, you can make new hardware out of leather, wood, and even rope. Alternatively, you can source your hardware from unique retailers renowned for their well-curated collections.

Use Removable Wallpaper

Wallpapers are making a big comeback in the interior design space, so you can invest in them to make your modern home look unique. Their resurgence is hardly surprising, given that they artfully blend pattern and color to make spaces truly distinct. Wallpapers allow you to decorate your space based on preferences and mood, and you can always remove them if you want a change or are moving out. You can select from a wide range of removable wallpaper options in various designs to make your interior space stand out, so keep this in mind.

*Collaborative Post