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Pop Beauty Lightshow Palette With Must-Try Makeup Magnet Mist: Tutorial!

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What’s more exciting than trying out some new makeup products? There’s just something so satisfying about seeing that first look using some new products. This week I tried out some new makeup products from Pop Beauty! Specifically the Pop Beauty Lightshow Palette, Prismatic Pop Highlighter and the Makeup Magnet Mist.

If you’re not familiar with Pop Beauty, they are (obviously) a makeup brand that is known for their vibrant products!

First product is the Pop Beauty Lightshow Palette in Dusk Deluxe. This palette has a number of different texture shades that ended up being quite creamy and pigmented! While the glitter shades were a bit sparse, as are most glitter shades, there was in fact a remedy for that, which leads me to the next product!

The Makeup Magnet Mist claims to help prolong the wear of your makeup as well as energize it. I sprayed a bit of this onto my shadow brush and it helped the brush to pick up more product as well as assist in the application. In addition, a quick spritz of this mist helped the makeup stay in tact all day!

Lastly, the Prismatic Pop highlighter, which if I could put it into my own words, makes your face look almost holographic! This luminous highlighter was absolutely amazing and blended perfectly!

I put together a video of the look that I was able to put together, that you can watch here:

If you’ve read any of my posts in the past, you know that I pride myself in being able to share information about great products, especially those that are affordable!

I would say that Pop Beauty fits right into that niche of affordable beauty, as none of these products were more than $20. And with that being said, they are well worth it in my opinion.

No matter what your taste in makeup is, the color story of the Lightshow Palette will allow you to put together a variety of different looks, so many so that you’re bound to find a look that fits your taste.


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