Necessaire body care

Nécessaire Body Care | Products Review!

Necessaire body care

So often when we talk about skincare, we exclusively talk about our face, when in reality skincare for the body is just as important. That is where body care brand Necessaire comes into play!

If you haven’t heard of them, Necessaire is skincare for your body brand. They pride themselves on using clean, effective and high-quality ingredients for their products. If you focus on using clean and vegan products, Necessaire is definitely a brand you will want to check out.

They recently sent over a couple of products for me to try out and let you guys know about! With that being said, everything I am about to tell you is 100% my thoughts and opinions on the products.

The products that they sent are the Eucalyptus Body Wash, Eucalyptus Body Exfoliator and the Fragrance Free Body Lotion.

Typically, when I receive skincare products, I like to use them for about 7-14 days to be able to get all of my thoughts together before sharing them. This is due to the mere fact that if I were to have a bad reaction, it may not happen right away, and may happen a few days later. Therefore, having used the products for about 2 weeks at this point, I feel confident in my opinions I am about to give!

If you don’t feel like reading my thoughts on the products, you can always watch my YouTube video where I go a bit more in depth about my experience thus far using these products and what I think of them!


Body Wash

So first things first, the body wash. This gel-like body wash contains ingredients that are rich in a number of Vitamins, and it’s purpose is to help moisturize and nourish your skin. As I previously mentioned, the scent that I am using is Eucalyptus, which is sort of like a minty smell. Overall, I love this wash! It doesn’t leave any sort of slimy residue on your skin, which is an absolute pet peeve of mine, and it smells delightful! However, with that being said, a little bit of this goes a long way. I made the mistake the first time around using a bit too much, and the smell was a bit overwhelming. If you’re not a fan of the eucalyptus smell, it also comes in sandalwood, bergamot and even a fragrance-free version.

Body Exfoliator

Next product is the body exfoliator. This exfoliate contains bamboo charcoal, pumice, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid. All of these ingredients help to rid your skin of dead skin cells, help with redness and your skin’s complexion. Unlike the body wash, which is safe to use daily, this exfoliator is good to use once or twice weekly. For someone like me, who has dry skin, once or twice weekly is enough. Any more and I may dry out my skin a bit too much. Again, a little bit of this goes quite a long way! I found that, despite also being eucalyptus-scented, the fragrance of the exfoliator wasn’t as overpowering as the fragrance of the body wash. This exfoliator has left my skin feeling smooth and soft, and it’s perfect timing as my sunburn that I have is in the gross stage of peeling, so exfoliating couldn’t come at a better time! Again, if you’re not a fan of the eucalyptus scent, it also comes in sandalwood, bergamot and a fragrance-free option.

Body Lotion

Lastly, the body lotion. No body care routine is complete without some body lotion of course! This moisturizing lotion is rich in vitamins and, my personal favorite thing about it, it is fast-absorbing! This daily lotion is perfect for when you are fresh out of the shower, and is the best finishing touch after using the body wash and body exfoliator. I actually really love that this lotion is fragrance free for many reasons, especially being as I have a dog and when I use a lotion with fragrance he feels the need to sniff me and lick the lotion off of me. Therefore, this fragrance free lotion helps me avoid that!


The Nécessaire products are available to purchase on their own, or you can purchase a set! They are available on the Necessaire website, Sephora and Nordstrom among some other retailers!

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