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MERIT Beauty’s Minimalist Makeup May Be All You Need In 2022

If you are someone who likes to keep up with fashion and beauty trends, then you know that they are forever changing.

For example, the way we did our makeup back in 2016 is vastly different from the way we do our makeup today.

Why is this? Well, aside from the fact that trends always change, and often times come back around (ex: all the 2000s fashion coming back), it’s pretty safe for us to say that the past few years in quarantine really set a precedent for fashion and beauty.

Many of us are opting for more loungewear and more of a minimalistic beauty approach.

What I mean by that is we’re giving our skin more of a chance to breathe, and we’re finding ourselves leaning more towards the “no makeup” makeup look.

While there’s always going to be situations and events that warrant an awesome eyeshadow look (because who doesn’t love having fun with eyeshadow?!), our daily makeup routines have become a lot quicker and easier.

Because of this, beauty brands both new and old are adapting to these new trends and in turn, offering us products to fit our new wants and needs.

One brand that really knows what they’re doing when it comes to minimalist beauty is MERIT Beauty.

MERIT Beauty, which can be found both at Sephora and on the MERIT Beauty website, offers up a collection of beauty essentials.

They focus on creating products that work for your body, your skin and the planet.

Each of this clean beauty brand’s products feature ingredients that will leave your skin looking and feeling better than before, as they have eliminated an additional 73 ingredients that are clean, but are potentially acne-triggering.

To learn more about MERIT Beauty’s products and see them in action, check out the YouTube video below:



All in all, MERIT Beauty is definitely a brand to try if you’re someone who loves a good “no makeup” makeup look.

If you purchase directly through MERIT Beauty’s website, you will receive a FREE signature makeup bag (which is super cute by the way) with your first order, additionally, you will receive FREE shipping with an order over $40!

To shop with MERIT Beauty, click HERE!


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