Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes from KISS: Do they work?!


I’ve always wanted to try magnetic lashes, partly due to the face that I am not the best at applying false lashes, and partly due to the fact that they just sound so cool.

So I figured, what better time to try them out than now?! That way if something went terribly wrong, I had some time to recover and no one would see me (LOL).

I recently ordered a pair of KISS Magnetic Lashes from Ulta while I was ordering some refills of products that I needed so that I could try them out.

Right off the bat I was impressed with the price of the lashes, and while the lashes themselves didn’t come with the magnetic eyeliner needed to apply the lashes, the eyeliner was only a few dollars as well. Also, I should note, that there were lashes that came with the liner, it’s just that the style of lashes I purchased didn’t come with them. But in any case, both the lashes and liner were fairly priced!

When it came to application, all that needed to be done was to apply the eyeliner and then place the lashes right on top. I do my eyeliner just about every day, so this was no different than my regular makeup application routine. I will admit that I was a bit nervous about the liner application at first, because the applicator was more of a brush than the pen that I normally use, but the liner went on smoothly and the applicator made for a very precise liner.

After applying the liner, the lashes basically snapped right out! I was actually really shocked with how easily they went on, and I was very pleased!

The YouTube video above will show you just how easily the lashes went on!

Overall, I was very excited with how easily these lashes went on, and they looked great and lasted all day!

I would highly recommend these lashes if you’re new to putting on lashes or are looking for something simple to apply. These are great!

If you’re interested in checking out these lashes, here are links to both the lashes and the eyeliner!

KISS Magnetic Charm Lashes

KISS Magnetic Eyeliner

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