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Magic Candle Company Subscription Box | October 2020

Magic Candle Company

The Disney lover in me is totally excited over receiving my latest subscription box from Magic Candle Company!

Magic Candle Company is a candle subscription box that features Disney-scented candles. And yes, they actually smell exactly how you would imagine!

Unless you are a big Disney fan, you may be wondering how on earth a candle can be Disney-scented. Well, if you’ve been to Disney World, you’ll notice that different parts of the parks, or different attractions, foods or even stores may have a different scent. A nostalgic scent at that. Well, these candles encompass that!

Magic Candle Company has candles of all different scents, from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, to Soarin’ to Churros and more.

This is the third box I have received from them, and so far I have been super impressed.

So far I have received products with the fragrances of the Confectionary, which is the big candy/confectionary shop on Main Street U.S.A. and Walt’s Office, which I’m not entirely sure what that would have smelled like, but the fragrance smells amazing!

The best part about these boxes, is that they don’t just come with a candle. Each box contains a candle, of course, but it also comes with a room spray, a car air freshener, and wax melts.

Watch the video below to find out what scent I received this month! HINT: It is perfect for the month of October!

If you ask me, these subscription boxes are totally worth it! A 3 month subscription is $69.95, so you’re paying about $23 for each box, which are valued at about $45!

I am so pleased with this month’s box, and though this month was my third month of the 3-month subscription, I definitely think I will be renewing!

If you have any questions about the box, I’d be happy to answer them! And for anything I am unsure about, I would be more than happy to reach out to Magic Candle Company and ask!

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