Lucy & La Mer Releases New Single ‘Ice Cream’

LA-based indie pop artist Lucy & La Mer has released a new single titled Ice Cream.

The track features ukulele and catchy lyrics – how fun is that!?

Lucy says the song was written for anxious people who fall in love.

“As an anxious person, I’m constantly overthinking in relationships. Like, what if they find out that I’m not what they thought? What if I get insecure and sabotage the whole thing?!” When someone with anxiety falls in love, it’s like this new wonderful thing… that you now get to worry about constantly,” Lucy says.

With an opening line of “Sometimes I melt down like ice cream, will you still like me when it gets all messy?” You’ll instantly be hooked.



Lucy & La Mer has gained popularity recently, having been featured on a YouTube Shorts billboard that appeared both in Times Square NYC and Los Angeles.

Additionally, Lucy hosted a TEDx Talk about how to find your true authentic self.

To learn more about Lucy & La Mer, head to Instagram and TikTok!