Letting Love Grow with this month’s eco-friendly Date Night In Box!


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Another month means another box from Date Night In! I can’t stress enough how great these boxes are for couples who may be on a budget and are unable to go out and have extravagant date nights, or for the couples who’s ideal date night is staying in with their significant other — these boxes are full of activities for those who enjoy to do that as well!

This month’s theme tied in perfectly with the season as well as the month’s holidays.

You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers, which means April is a great time to get gardening. April also brings Earth Day! And this month’s box was full of eco-friendly activities and goodies to help you not only test out your green thumb, but to help you live a bit of a greener life as well!

While preparing for this month’s date, it is only right to think about how your relationship has grown into what it is today, and the different stages you and your significant other have gone through to get there. Included in the box was a relationship timeline, that after you have reflected on all the milestones the two of you have achieved thus far, you can begin to fill out with all that you dream your future will bring the two of you. This timeline was great for us to put into perspective our future goals and the amount of time we have to achieve them!



We really loved the activity of growing your own DIY Blossom Kit that was included in the box! I’ve never been one to say that I have a green thumb, but I absolutely loved this and am so excited for us to be able to watch it grow over the coming days, months or even years.

Everything included in this month’s box was eco-friendly, from the planter made out of biodegradable bamboo, to the playing cards made out of recycled paper and the stainless steel eco-friendly straws that you can use to drink the all natural Iced Tea from Stash Tea!

This box really helped to put into perspective how easy it is to be eco-friendly, as long as you are conscious about it! Sometimes it can be as simple as purchasing a reusable water bottle or coffee cup to use each day, turning off faucets when they’re not in use, or even going paperless and paying your bills online. Even the simplest of things can contribute!

We really loved this month’s Date Night In Box, and hope you and your partner did too if you subscribe! If you’re not yet receiving Date Night In boxes and would like to, you can sign up HERE!