June 2021 Boxycharm

June 2021 Boxycharm: Which Box Is Most Worth It?

Happy June, all! June is really such a great month, with so many great things happening, summer kicking off, and of course, the June 2021 Boxycharm boxes! Really, what isn’t there to love about June?

Typically we only talk about the Boxycharm base box each month. However, this month, Boxycharm was kind enough to send over all 3 boxes – the Base, Premium and Luxe boxes!

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So, if you were ever hesitant about subscribing, or didn’t know which level of box you wanted to subscribe to, we’ve got all the deets on what to expect from each of the June 2021 Boxycharm boxes, and hopefully we can help you decide which box (or how many boxes) are right for you!

To see a full unboxing of each product inside each June 2021 Boxycharm box, watch this YouTube video:

First, there is the base box. The base box contains 5 products inside, and will have an average dollar value of $175. This month, the dollar value inside the particular box unboxed in the above video was $132! This box contained a pretty even amount of skincare and makeup products, which is great to see! The base box retails at $25 a month.

Second, there is the premium box. The premium box contains 6 products inside, and will have an average dollar value of $215. This month, the dollar value inside the particular box that we unboxed was $257, which is above the average for what you will receive each month! Again, this box seemed to have a pretty even amount of skincare and makeup, which is what we love to see. The premium box retails at $35 a month.

Lastly, there is the luxe box. The luxe box is different from the premium and base, in the fact that it is a quarterly box, rather than a monthly box. The luxe box contains 8+ items in beauty and lifestyle, whereas the premium and base box are just beauty, and it has an average dollar value of $395. The box in particular that was unboxed this month favored skincare a bit more than makeup, but it also had a haircare product inside, which was a nice surprise. In total, the value of the box this month was $390. The luxe box retails for $49.99 a quarter.

All in all, the products that were inside each of the June 2021 Boxycharm boxes helped to give each box a value way beyond the price that you pay for the subscription.

Now, when it comes to deciding which box you want to subscribe to, we know things can get a little difficult. And what it really comes down to is your budget, and how many products you are looking to receive, and how often.

You don’t have to worry about receiving not-so-good products in any of the boxes, because even the base box you can expect to receive high-end, amazing products. So, when you decide on the box, don’t let the quality of products deter you, because you will be receiving high quality products in all three boxes.

Even if you find yourself on a tight budget, each of these boxes are totally affordable, and you will be getting well over your money’s worth. It totally beats buying products a la carte at the store and spending a fortune.

Additionally, if you feel so inclined to, you can absolutely subscribe to all three boxes each month/quarter and receive totally different products in each box. So there is no need to worry about duplicate products!

Also, depending on your preferences you input when first signing up for the box, you may receive a few different products from the boxes that we’ve unboxed, or from the boxes that your friends may receive. It all depends on how you fill out your preference survey, because each box is tailored to fit the likes and needs of the person receiving it! But at the end of the day, no matter your preferences, you will receive some great products!

We hope this helps make your decision of which box to subscribe to a bit easier, and if you’re interested in subscribing and learning even more about Boxycharm, just visit their website!


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