5 tips for making your Instagram look fab


Instagram is easily one of the biggest social media platforms of today. People use it for many different reasons, personal use, promotional use, etc. But whatever reason you may be using it, I’m sure you want it to look nice!

Before I go on, if you truly want to take your Instagram game to the next level, I can not recommend “Capture Your Style” by Aimee Song enough. She goes into much detail about what you can do to up your Insta game, and even includes great accounts to follow for inspiration. If you don’t already know who she is, Aimee Song is the mastermind behind Song Of Style, a fashion and interior design blog. Aimee herself has close to 5 MILLION followers on Instagram, so she clearly knows what she is doing.

Now, here are just a few tips I can offer to you to make your Instagram look prettier, gain more followers, and make your followers engage with your content!

1. Come up with a theme

Instagram is full of accounts of all different niches: travel, fashion, beauty, food, parenting, the list goes on. Having a theme for your account will help attract the audience you want to engage with your content. When coming up with a theme, pick something you are passionate about. When you are passionate about what you are creating, you will never run out of ideas. If you ask me, if I open an Instagram account and I can tell right away what the account owner is all about through their photos, I am more likely to follow them.

Coming up with a theme also means giving your photos a similar look. For example, find a particular filter or set of presets that will give your photos a similar look or feel to them. Instagram is full of great examples of this. Here are just a few Instagrammers that I believe do a great job of theming their feeds:


Instagram user Courteink has a beautiful feed, and right away you can tell what her niche is, fashion! Each photo showcases a stunning outfit, and is bright with a similar edit to them.


Another great account to check out is Alwaysmeliss. Again, you can tell right away what her niche is, and each photo has a similar set of presets for each edit.


Lastly, jacimariesmith is a great example. All of her photos have a similar color scheme, making her feed look uniformed and just flat out beautiful!

2. Use effective hashtags & geotags

Hashtags and geotags are just about everything when it comes to being discovered by other Instagram users. However, while hashtags are a great way to get your photos out there, you have to be smart about which hashtags you choose. If you’re choosing hashtags with millions upon millions of photos under them, chances are your photo will be displayed in the top few for merely seconds before disappearing into the abyss of photos. Although it is okay to throw a few big hashtags in there, you want to choose hashtags that have an average number of posts, I’d say don’t go above 1-million, this will give your photos more time in the top few posts within the hashtags.

Geotags are also very handy, especially if you’re somewhere popular. Even if you find that you’re in a not very popular area, add a geotag from your nearest popular city!

3. Post bright, high quality photos

Your content is everything. With low quality content, comes a low quality feed, which in turn means few followers and less engagement. No one likes a dark, blurry, grainy photo. ¬†Bright, colorful photos are much more appeasing to the eye. Having high quality pictures doesn’t always mean having a high quality camera, being creative is everything. However, I will say a camera is a great investment.

4. Engage with your followers

The follow/unfollow game is as strong as ever on Instagram. One way to stop your followers from unfollowing? Engage with them. Even if you don’t follow them back, go through your followers list, like and comment on their latest photo, or maybe go and like their five latest photos. If you make a good impression, they are less likely to unfollow you. Your followers likely followed you to interact with you, so take advantage of that and keep them sticking around!

5. Take advantage of the Discover/Explore page

With Instagram’s latest update to their Explore page, each users Explore feed is curated to their interests based among what kind of content they interact with and view the most. If you find that you interact with content within the same niche as yours, this page can become very useful. You can use this page to find new pages to follow, find and engage with your audience, and even network with other users within your niche. A recommendation I can make is to comment on photos throughout the Explore page, let users know you’re active on Instagram, and your comment will be out there for other potential followers to see, and who knows… they may click on your profile, become interested in what you have to offer and even give you a follow!

There is so much other advice I can give when it comes to Instagram, and I plan on sharing with you in future posts! Be sure to follow Unbreakable Bliss for updates.

Have any Instagram tips of your own? Be sure to share them!

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