How To Throw Your Child The Best Ever Party

Is your child having a special birthday or are you just wanting to throw them a party to remember? It may be a big important birthday such as ten or sixteen so you want to make it as special as it can possibly be. It is not necessarily about how many people come or what you do, your child might just be grateful to spend quality time with you on their big day. If your child does want a party then here are some ways to throw the best party they have ever had https://mamaliciousmaria.com.


Listen To Your Child

The first and most important step here is to listen to your child. If your child doesn’t want a party and has specified that then it is important you respect their wishes. However, if they have expressed their wishes of having a party then listen to what they want and try to get everything they desire, within reason of course. If your child asks for a horse for their birthday and they are young enough you could consider pony rides. 



So you have established that a birthday party is a must, now it’s time to work out how much you have to spend on said party. Working out the budget for a party can be a bit tricky as until you speak to venues and cake makers you won’t really be sure how much money you need to have available. For now, in the beginning, it will just be a rough estimate. It is always better to overestimate than underestimate. That way if you have money left over you can treat yourself to something special such as a glass of wine or some chocolate. 



Ask your child where they would like their party to be held. There are so many places available, you can hire somewhere or just spend the day somewhere. It is all up to your child, they might suggest a day out at a theme park. If that is the case then you will have to specify this on the invites, which we will get to later. Alternatively, you could hire a village hall or even hold the party in your own home to save on the cost of hiring. There are some great deals available if soft play is something your child is interested in. You get a special party room and the kids can play on the equipment and in the ball pits while the adults watch on and chat. 


Guest List

Speak to your child about who they want to invite, if they are in nursery or school there may be a policy in place where everyone gets an invite or nobody does. Check this out before working out guest lists and invites. There might be some children in your kid’s class that don’t get along so the last thing you want is tension and disagreements at the party. If your child wants to invite the whole class then you can usually get a list of first names from the office or class teacher. 



This can be a tricky one to work out, the time you hold the party and how long it lasts is important. If the party is for a young child then you will want to hold it early enough so it doesn’t ruin dinner time for other parents and children. You will also need to be wary of nap times if the child is under 4. Usually, a good time for a children’s party is between 12 and 2, if you know the other parents who are coming you could have a chat with them and ask what a good time will be if you are not sure. Parties for older children aged over 10, for example, could have their parties in the evening time with dinner and music for example. 



Now you have figured all the details out and know where the party is being held and at what time you can send out some invites. If you want to save money here you can buy a pack of ten usually from grocery stores. If you want to go all out you can create personalized ones, be aware these will be more expensive. 

When you are making your invites be sure to include the venue, the time, any gift ideas, and a number for parents and caretakers to RSVP to. There is nothing worse than not knowing how many people will show up and which families are not coming. 


Suggest Presents 

If you are fed up with your child receiving toys and pointless gifts for their birthday you are well within your rights to include a list with the invites. If you don’t ask, you don’t get and people are not mind readers so honesty is the best policy here. You could state something along the lines of ‘If you want to give a gift to our child, we prefer books, clothes, gift cards, school stuff, or shoes instead of playthings’. That way if parents choose to bring a gift you and your child will get something useful. 

If your child likes to spend a lot of their time outdoors then you can ask for some garden games to play, an example of this is cornhole. Both children and adults alike love this game and you can even get custom cornhole bags https://www.cornholeworldwide.com/products/cornhole-bags/custom-cornhole-bags/. This would make a great gift idea for your child. 



What sort of entertainment are you having at the party? This is all dependent on the age and stage of the child and where the party is being held. If it is being held at a soft play center then entertainment won’t be necessary as the children will be entertaining themselves. However, if the party is elsewhere then you may need a DJ, magician, or face painting. Speak to your child and get their views on what they would like entertainment-wise. Older children might really love the idea of a photo booth so they can take pictures and create lasting memories with their friends. 



Finally, the cake is something else that can be tricky to get right. Ask your child what cake they would prefer, they might surprise you and say cupcakes rather than a big birthday cake. Cupcakes are a lot cheaper although you will need more of them for the guests, so it could work out more expensive depending on how many you need. 

Something that might be a nice idea and gets everybody involved is to decorate your own. You could get a load of plain cupcakes from the shop and the children could decorate their own using icing and sprinkles. 

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