How To Stop Feeling Self-Conscious In Public Settings

For a lot of people, socializing and being around lots of people can be very overwhelming. Some people struggle with the idea of being around lots of bodies. Others might be extremely self-conscious based on previous experiences in life or due to low self-esteem. 

It’s completely normal to feel this way when in public or when attending a significant event. It has sadly become even more so due to the fact that social media is around. While it’s a fantastic invention, it also puts the spotlight on everyone’s lives and pressure becomes applied to look/behave a certain way. In this anxious and judgemental society, not everyone tends to handle it well. You can, however, get into a much more confident frame of mind over time if you try a few things. Here are just some ideas that may help you in terms of feeling less self-conscious when out and about: 


Work On Yourself Most Days 

If you improve yourself, you’re going to feel a lot better about how things go – that’s just a fact. You may not improve your social skills right away, but you’ll be a lot more confident in yourself if you have a lot more going on. You’ll get a boost in terms of self-esteem, but you’ll also have a lot more to talk about and won’t be fumbling for ideas.


Recognize That People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

Opinions only matter when they’re constructive or when they’re looking to give you a boost. If you worry too much about what people think, then you’re going to fall into a terrible spot. Bullying is a bigger problem than just the traditional sense – it can really get into one’s psyche and torture them for years. Don’t allow the opinions of people who don’t matter to affect you. 


Practice Speaking To People

This sounds like a pretty basic idea, but it’s one that will absolutely make life a lot easier in this regard. Just practice doing it. You may make a fool out of yourself by saying or doing something a little silly – that doesn’t matter at all, though. Whether you talk online to attend a meetup event, you will benefit from the experience. 


Talk To A Professional About Any Issues You Have 

One of the best things you can do is literally speak to somebody that will be able to help. You’ll often find that any worries are lowered by simply chatting about them. They’ll then be able to help you view things in a different light. It’s amazing what these kinds of people can do for your social life and your mental health as a whole. 


Do More Things In Life That Make You Happy 

If you’re happier with yourself overall because you’re literally living life on your terms, then it makes things so much simpler. If you want to take part in some creative hobbies or join a sports team, then go right ahead. If you’re doing things you want, then the passion for them can override any kind of anxiety surrounding social phobias. 


Choose People In Life That Elevate You And Make You Feel Positive

You have to surround yourself with people who will make life so much easier. When it comes to your everyday life, your mind can be swayed by all kinds of different ideas and behavior. If you have the right people around you, then it’s going to make you think in a wonderful way. If you have bad people, then you’ll probably feel negative and self-conscious – which is terrible for when you want to head out and socialize. Choose good people in your close circle. It’s amazing what their influence can do.


Don’t Assume Everyone Is Going To Be A Negative Experience 

Sure, there are people out there who are a little unpleasant. They’ll probably look to bring you down in order to elevate themselves. Some people just don’t have any kind of feelings for other people, too. There really are some strange folk out there at times. These people do not matter, however. You shouldn’t just assume, though, that everyone you encounter is going to be unpleasant to some extent. If you adopt a positive approach and assume that they’re going to be lovely and helpful, then it makes the entire situation a lot comfier. If they turn out to be a little rude, then so be it – you played your part in making things better.

*Collaborative post