How To Protect Your Back And Ensure It’s In Good Shape For Years To Come

Our back is perhaps one of the more important parts of our body to look after. While it’s equally as important as every other muscle or area of our body, our back is a place that we can quickly and easily damage due to neglect and bad habits. So in this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ways to protect your back so that it stays in good shape for years to come.


Stretching can help relieve tight muscles that add stress to your spine

Regular stretching is a great way to help relieve tight muscles in your body. There are a few simple back stretches that you can try, and many of these only take a few minutes of your time and can be done virtually anywhere.


Avoid poor posture and remind yourself regularly if needed

Poor posture is common for people that work at home or typically sit at a desk to work. It’s very easy to develop bad posture, so you might find it helpful to constantly remind yourself to straighten your back and not slouch forward or back in your chair.


Watch your back when you’re lifting something

Many people lift incorrectly. They bend their entire body down, pick up something heavy, then use the same muscles to try and lift themselves up. You can save your back a lot of stress and pain by focusing more on your leg muscles to help you lift something. This involves bending your hips and knees into a squat so that you have more strength behind your lift.


If you experience back pain, consider visiting a specialist

If you experience back pain that lingers for a long time then you may want to consider speaking to trusted spine surgeons, especially if you haven’t been looking after your back very well. This is important as diagnosing problems early can give you a better chance of overcoming them in the future.


Waking up with pain in your back? You might want to check how you sleep

If you wake up with back pain then it’s possible that you’re not sleeping in a comfortable position. Try swapping out your mattress if possible, or consider changing the way you sleep so that you’re putting less strain on your back.


Exercise can help maintain your weight and improve your core muscles

A regular exercise routine is a great way to both lose weight and also strengthen your core muscles. People often overlook the importance of working out and exercising, but it’s one of the best ways to protect your back and ensure that you’re not overdoing it.


If you have a smoking habit, then do what you can to quit

People are often surprised to discover that smoking actually harms your back. Smoking hurts your blood flow which can cause damage to muscles and ligaments around your spine. It can also cause the breakdown of the disks in your spine, affecting your motion and also restricting blood flow.


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