How To Prevent Dryer Fires In Your Home

Dryers make life much easier, especially in the winter when it’s tough to get your clothes dry outside. However, they also pose a big fire risk. In fact, dryer fires are responsible for more home structure fires in the U.S. than any other single item in the home, according to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). Usually, this is down to mistakes with dryer use and maintenance.

So, if you have a dryer in your home that you use on a regular basis, follow these rules to prevent fires. 


Keep The Duct Clean And Maintained

Many dryer fires begin in or around the duct. Often, this is due to a build-up of lint that reduces airflow and makes it more likely for lint to catch fire. Thus, you need to keep your duct clean on a regular basis. Companies like DUCTZ can professionally clean your dryer duct to ensure that it is working as it should. They can also check for any damage while cleaning, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your dryer is safe. Neglecting this important maintenance drastically increases the chances of a dangerous fire.


Clean The Lint Trap After Every Use

Another way to reduce the risk of a dryer fire is to clean out the lint trap after every use. If you do not, then the lint that has collected in it will eventually catch fire. All of those fibers that collect from your clothes act like kindling and they will go up very easily if you are not careful. It only takes a second to empty the lint trap but it makes a big difference to safety.


Do Not Cover The Vents

The vents on the dryer allow heat to escape during use, but if you cover them up, then the dryer will work less efficiently. When this happens, it will become much hotter (and potentially catch fire) than it would otherwise. To make sure that your dryer never overheats or starts a fire, and ensure that you are being as eco-friendly as possible, make sure that you leave the vents open and clear at all times. Before switching it on and leaving it, always double-check that there are no obstructions blocking the vents.


Do Not Put Flammable Liquids In The Dryer

If you have been using rags or cloths with flammable liquids (working on your car, for example), be very careful about washing them and putting them in the dryer. Even if they have been washed, there are still likely to be traces of flammable liquids on them. When they go in the dryer, they act as fuel to start a fire. So, always wash these items separately from everything else and let them air dry naturally to avoid fires.


A dryer fire is a very serious thing and it can put your and your family’s lives in danger. Unfortunately, they are also very common because a lot of people make simple mistakes when operating and maintaining their dryers. However, as long as you stick to these important rules, you can stay safe when using your dryer.


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