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How To Plan An Affordable Last-Minute Labor Day Getaway

Written by: Julie Morris

Maybe relatives cancelled a scheduled holiday visit. Perhaps, on a whim, you decided to get out of town for Labor Day weekend. Considering there isn’t much time left before the holiday arrives, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to plan a fun Labor Day trip without spending a lot of money. By doing a little homework, it is possible to plan a memorable holiday weekend on a budget. Here’s how, presented by Unbreakable Bliss.

Why Travel is Good for You

While some folks feel bad about taking vacations and may even see them as frivolous or a waste of time and money, nothing could be further from the truth. There are a number of health benefits to travelling, including stress reduction and an emphasis on being active. If you are a parent, especially one in a managerial role, you may find vacations a great way to bond with your kids. ZenBusiness explains that supervising employees is an especially stressful responsibility, so taking some time to recharge and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones is absolutely essential for long-term success in a leadership position.

Traveling Smart

You may not be aware of the various discounts offered by travel-related services. For instance, some locations are in the off-peak season. A sunshine state like Florida is in its rainy season, but the weather during this period may be quite sunny. Check the weather forecast and compare the modes of transportation to your destination. Sometimes, the airfare to your desired location may be cheaper than driving. While searching online, consider packaged deals. You may find cheaper airfare when you book a bundle deal that includes air travel and lodging. Sometimes, they even include car rental.

You may be thinking that it is just too late to book a flight without getting price gouged, but according to a study cited by The Points Guy that focused on late summer airfare, you can still snag great deals. This study pinpoints the cheapest areas are Raleigh, Orlando, New Orleans, Austin, Denver and Boston. Also, you can do online searches on travel sites like Hotwire and Priceline, which concentrate on last-minute bargains.

Lodging, Excursions and Entertainment

Scouting for cancellations at hotels and excursion companies can save you a lot of money. Call the companies a day or two before your arrival date. To fill all their bookings, many businesses offer last-minute discounts. Also, making your trip a group destination is a great way to amp up your fun and decrease the cost. You can offer your friends and family members a chance to spend a fun Labor Day weekend with you at a festive location. With everyone pitching in, all of you can afford to stay in a luxury condo or vacation home.

When planning your entertainment schedule, you can choose a destination that offers free concerts, street fairs or other events. Waterfronts offer many opportunities for enjoyment, so you can pick a location that has beaches, lakes or rivers. Through a web search, look for food and drink discounts from the local bars and restaurants. Many popular Labor Day destination cities post a list of attractions and activities on their websites. 

Make sure you plan some playtime for each of your family members. Hitting parks, playgrounds and waterparks can help everyone loosen up and be a kid again, even mom and dad! 

Other Labor Day Travel Tips

If you plan to bring your dog on your Labor Day trip, there is one important thing you need to take care of. Besides their leash, favorite toy, water bowl, hair brush and food, you must have a safe and secure crate. There are many varieties of crates available, including wire and portable crates, so take some time to research them and their prices. Also, make sure your lodging accommodations are pet friendly.

While booking a flight, make sure to check the airline’s baggage policy. Some will charge you more at check-in than online. Plus, you don’t want to spend half your vacation waiting at the gate. The Friday before and the day after the Labor Day weekend are historically more prone to delays. As a precaution, it is best to have a back-up plan. This should include alternative destinations, lodging, etc. If you are planning a group trip, delegate different tasks and responsibilities to trusted group members. Having less responsibility should make the trip more enjoyable for you.

Sometimes, spontaneous ideas can lead to a memorable adventure. However, it’s best to do some planning to increase the chances that your Labor Day weekend trip will be a positive experience. By using these tips to plan your last-minute Labor Day weekend getaway, you’ll still have room for some spontaneity to maximize your enjoyment.