How To Make Your Home More Secure

Your home is somewhere where you should feel safe and secure, so any small changes you can make that will help to achieve this, is definitely worth considering so that you know you are safe. If you live in a city area you might feel more vulnerable to break ins and burglaries than perhaps if you lived in a quiet rural setting. Whichever area you live though, you should most certainly feel safe in it. So here are some ideas to help you make your home more secure. 


Avoid Leaving Packages At Your Door 

It can be very tempting to passers by if they see that you have packages stacked up by your front door, if you are not home to accept them. Installing a video surveillance system where you can communicate with the postman where to leave your package or including a box in which they can be left will help deter any potential thieves who might think that there is something valuable inside. 



Don’t Post Photos on Social Media 

It has become quite a trend to take a photo of your new set of door keys or a quick snap of the exterior of your home. But in reality you are just providing more information that is necessary to a potential intruder. If you are going to take a snap of your home then avoid showing the number or the full exterior as it can be very easy to do a quick google search to see where you live to someone that is not your friend or a family member if you do not have a completely private profile. 


Windows That Will Protect Against Bad Weather 

You never know when there might be a bad storm or a spell of really cold weather. Installing hurricane proof windows will make you feel more at ease when any bad weather hits as you are more likely to be protected against the glass shattering in extreme high winds. So it is worth investing in these types of windows so that your home can feel more secure should a storm arise. 


Don’t Display The Name or Number of Your House on Your Door Keys

This is a simple mistake to avoid when you get your house keys. Try to make sure that there is not a name or number attached to the keys themselves as this is definitely going to give away where you live, in the event that you lose them. Opt for more chunky keyrings to go with your keys so that they are easier to find in your purse and more difficult to lose. 



Change The Locks 

When you move into your new home you never know who has a set of keys from the previous owner so it is best to change them immediately so that you know no one else will have a set of keys to your home. 

*Collaborative Post