How To Impress Friends With A Dinner Party

We all began to look at our homes a little differently during the coronavirus pandemic. They took on new roles. They had to be all things to us, including where we have fun. And though the coronavirus pandemic is largely behind us, that’s something that we can keep with us going forward. Rather than going out to restaurants and bars when we want to see our friends, we can just invite them over and have fun right from the comfort of our homes.

For instance, by hosting a dinner party. It can be a lot of fun to invite loved ones over for a restaurant-worthy evening! In this blog, we’re going to run through some useful tips that’ll ensure your friends have a memorable time for all the right reasons.


Well Organized 

One of the things that you don’t notice about a restaurant is how smooth everything is. Indeed, you only notice when something goes wrong. Now, you don’t need to go overboard with the organization, but it’s a good idea to plan out the evening, so things move smoothly from one phase of the evening to the next. A little bit of planning will result in your dishes being served at exactly the right time. 


Set the Scene

As well as the food, restaurants offer an amazing ambiance. So why not try to recreate that at your house? As with most things in life, a little bit of effort can go a long way! So take a look at your dining room. What’s the potential here? You could add a table cloth and some candles, and use low, atmospheric lighting. Your good plates and cutlery will finish the job and have everyone settling in as if they were in a restaurant.


Pick a Delicious Meal

And now the most important part: the food! Of course, what you make will depend on various factors, including your skill level and the dietary requirements of your guests. But in general, you should aim to pick something that will impress. There are plenty of amazing dishes you can make that don’t require absurd amounts of skill but which will impress your guests. You could opt for french onion chicken with roasted butternut squash on the side, for instance. If you bring that dish out, your friends will be sure to come again and again, whenever you’ll have them over.


Restaurant Worthy 

If you really want to push the boat out, then why not include a few additions that your guests will really enjoy? If you’re serving multiple courses, then you could serve a wine pairing with each dish — it’s easy enough to find what types of wine will go with the ingredients you’re using. Another option is to get all the ingredients for a cocktail. That’s a great way to start the evening. Finally, let’s not forget about the dessert. For many people, that’ll be the most important part of the meal! It’s best to make it yourself, but if you don’t have time for that, then find out which is the best bakery in town and get something from them. 


For the Kids

Depending on your age and who you’re inviting, you might find that there are a few kids coming, too. And that’s absolutely fine. However, it’s best to think ahead so that they have something to keep them occupied while the adults are enjoying their grade-A meal. You could order them some pizza and provide a space for them all to have fun. Of course, this is only necessary if there are multiple children coming. If it’s just one or two, then they might like to join at the adults’ table.


After Dinner Fun 

What will you do after the meal has finished? No one wants to go straight home after they’ve finished eating, especially if they have a couple of cocktails in them. So look at your post-meal entertainment options. There’s a whole host of dinner party games that you can find on the internet, or you could invest in a board game — there have been plenty that have come out in recent years that get rave reviews. Alternatively, if it’s a select group of friends, then you could just all retire to the couch and watch a movie on the big screen. There’s nothing better than sinking into a couch after eating your body weight in food, after all. 


Take these tips on board, and we’re reasonably sure that you and your guests will have an amazing time at the makeshift restaurant. 


*Collaborative Post