How I Curl My Hair With A Curling Wand

If I could roll out of bed in the morning and have my hair automatically be curly, I would for sure opt in. However, we all know that just isn’t possible unless you have naturally curly hair.

Instead, I have to manually curly my hair – which is okay too!

I don’t curl my hair everyday because that’s just not feasible, nor is it safe to expose my hair to that much heat on a daily basis. But I do tend to curl my hair whenever I can.

To curl my hair, I use a curling wand from BedHead, as well as a hairbrush (duh) and hairspray. I’m currently using Not Your Mother’s Volumizing Hair Spray.

I always start by dividing my hair into different sections. This helps me to successfully curl the different layers of my hair.

I then curl my hair, section by section, paying the most attention to the top layer since that layer is the most visible, of course.

See the full hair tutorial in the video above!

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