Healthy Habits For Better Wellbeing

Busy lives create stress and reduce our sense of balance with ourselves and the world. If you find your life moving out of balance, try some of the healthy habits below.  


Sound Sleeping 

We all know the importance of getting enough sleep; without it, we struggle to function during the day and notice changes in our weight and appearance. But getting enough sleep is easy enough if you sleep well; what about people who struggle to get enough shut-eye routinely? 

There are a few techniques to try if you don’t sleep well enough; first, set a routine so that you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. However, if you struggle to sleep, you could try exercising during the day, reading at night until you’re tired, or drinking some valerian root.   


Healthy Eating

The type of food we eat has an impact on the way we feel and how healthy we are in general, but maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year is also about ‘when’ we eat. Eating at the right times helps the body process food efficiently. 

Healthy eating experts recommend eating three to five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, drinking around 15 cups of water for men and 11 cups for women, and eating a balance of healthy protein and carbs. When it comes to eating times, there are intermittent fasting options.  


Staying Active  

If you want to maintain a healthy weight and reduce your chances of illness in the future, try to find time to elevate your heart rate for 20 minutes every day. Remember, the body is meant to be used physically, so if you don’t stay active, it will start to complain and affect your wellbeing. 

If you’re busy, 20 minutes can seem like a long time to take out of the day to elevate your heart rate, and running or going to the gym also requires you to change and shower after, but if you plan a run early or late it makes a difference. Also, consider alternatives like micro-workouts. 


Healthy Routines 

Establishing a healthy morning and evening routine is one of the best habits to get into if you want to increase your wellbeing. Instead of going to bed without a thought, you have a series of self-care habits to run through first that prepares your body, mind, and skin for a sound sleep. 

One example might be using some natural hand soap on your skin before applying a nightly moisturizer. This protects your skin through the night and keeps it hydrated, so you wank up with healthy soft skin that’s ready for your morning skincare habit. Routines build a better life. 


Nature Appreciation 

Studies show that being in nature is an excellent stress relief activity; it improves our moods and boosts neural activity that creates more inspiration. So if you’re feeling stressed or out of sorts in your life, it’s a good idea to find local nature places where you can walk, reflect, or write within.   


*Collaborative Post