Harry Styles Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Spotted Holding Hands, Reportedly Dating

Harry Styles Olivia Wilde

Someone check on the Harry Styles fan base, because they may not be okay after pictures surfaced Monday of the pop singer hand in hand with actress Olivia Wilde at Styles’ manager’s wedding.

Olivia Wilde was recently engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis before splitting last year after 9 years of dating.

A report from Page Six features exclusive photos that they received from Backgrid of Wilde and Styles enjoying the wedding of his agent, Jeffrey Azoff and bride Glenne Christiaansen.

Wilde and Styles recently worked together on the set of Wilde’s upcoming movie, “Don’t Worry Darling”.

A source told PEOPLE that the pair have dated for a few weeks.

This is the first partner that Wilde has been seen with out in public since splitting from Sudeikis, whom she shares two children with.


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