Winter Wonderland

Getting cozy with this month’s Date Night In Box


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Another month means another Date Night In box! This box could not have come at a better time honestly. It’s so easy to become caught up in the stress and bustle of the holiday season. Buying gifts, planning holidays parties and dinners, and everything else that comes with the season can take a toll on your wallet as well as your mental health.

It’s important to remember during this time that you should make it a priority to sit back and unwind and spend time with your loved one. What better way to take a step back from the holiday stress by putting on some pajamas and curling up with the one you love.

This months date box had so many great things to help us enjoy the holiday season. As always, we were given the opportunity to start out our date night with some delicious recipes. These recipes from Marina Makesblog are perfect for date night or even a holiday party! Some of the recipes included Parmesan and Garlic Crostini, Pancetta and Sweet Pea Gnocchi and Homemade Peppermint Pudding!

The time spent enjoying these delicious meals is the perfect time for Table Talk! This month’s table talk really allowed for each other to talk about the holiday season, what stresses us out and what we could do to support each other through the stressful times. Which when it comes down to it, supporting each other is a huge part of a healthy relationship!



Now to the fun part… the activities! This month’s activities included creating a sweet Christmas tree treat with pretzels, white chocolate and sprinkles to enjoy while creating some Winter Wonderland String Art! Once the art activity was complete, we played the headbands game, which if you ever played it is like the “Heads Up” or “Headbanz” game where you give your partners clues to what the card on their head band says, without saying the word itself. This game was the same, but with a fun, winter theme to it! So awesome!

To wrap up the night, we were able to give each other the gift of a handwritten note on cute stationary that was included inside of the box. There truly is nothing better than receiving a heartfelt, handwritten note from a loved one!

One thing that was different this month from other months was the opportunity to win a epic winter wonderland vacation to Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado! What an awesome, fitting perk to go along with the theme of this month’s box!

My fiancé and I enjoy taking the time out each month to enjoy these awesome date night boxes. It gives us the opportunity to not only relax amid our busy schedules, but to also connect with each other more than we necessarily do on a normal day.

You should never let being on a tight budget stop you from enjoying a date night with your significant other. Where there is a will, there is a way! You can sign up to enjoy your own Date Night In box HERE, each month offers a different, fun theme for you to enjoy!