Tan Cardi

Fall fashion from Marshall’s for under $20

Sweaters, flannels and cardigans — oh my! You know fall is just about here when you see store shelves and racks lined with sweaters and coats and scarves and all that other great stuff!

If there is anything that I love to purchase throughout the year, it’s new clothes for the fall. I feel like every year sweaters and cardigans just become cuter and cuter! And to be honest, I don’t think they will ever go out of style!

I recently took a trip to none other than the amazing Marshall’s to check out what they had out for the fall. And I’ve got to say, going there is always so exciting, because you truly never know what you will find! But anyway, of course I found some really cute fall pieces, and to make things even better — they were all under $20!

If you know me, you know that I find pride in finding a great deal!

I really am just super excited to share these pieces with you, because I think they are so cute and I know for a fact I will get a lot of use out of them this fall, winter and even spring!

To start off, I felt like my work wardrobe is starting to feel quite thin. I feel like I’ve definitely been wearing out some of my work clothes, so I’m happy I got to pick up something cute, different and suitable for work! I really stepped out of my color wheel with this shirt, this is the first thing in this color that I own! My favorite thing about this top is the sleeves! I am really a sucker for those draped sleeves, I think they really add a unique and fun touch to this business-suitable top. I picked up this super cute top for $16.99! (This particular top is not available online, but here is one similar!)

Next, I quickly fell in love with this striped sweater! It’s right up my alley with its neutral colors, and it is SO soft! You can’t see it in the photo, but the sweater is actually braided up in the middle of the back, which I thought was adorable. This sweater has a great fit, it’s stretchy, soft and all around comfortable, and will match great with just about anything! The best part? This adorable sweater only cost $16.99! (This one is not available online, but here is one that is similar, and it’s on sale!)

Now I have a really hard time when it comes to finding cardigans that I like. There is just something about the way many of them fit that deters me. I really wanted one that was oversized, but didn’t make me look like I was drowning, and looked cute over tops and dresses — and this one really fit the bill! This super cozy cardi is perfect for dressing down that little black dress, or even dressing up a plain or graphic tee! I got this awesome cardigan for just $14.99! (Not available online, but here is one similar, still under $20!)

Lastly is another cardigan that I am just so super in love with! This tan cardi looks great with every wash of jeans I own, and is perfect for pairing with some cute fall booties! I love that it is a longer cardigan, but doesn’t drag or flow in the wind as I walk. I know some people like that, but I have to say, I’m not about it. While it’s heavy enough to keep you cozy, it’s light enough that I know I’ll be able to wear this right on through the spring! I grabbed this cardiganfor just $16.99!

I’m just so in love with my new fall picks, and quite honestly, everything Marshall’s has to offer!